Golf Swing Analysis With Portable Kinect Sports Wearables

Golf Swing Analysis With Portable Kinect Sports Wearables

A 3D motion capture, or analysis and measurement of a golf swing is often compared to a High Speed Video Analysis. By utilizing high-speed video cameras to film your golf swing, biomechanical data is able to be captured, analyzed, and provided with a picture of precisely how your body is reacting to the swing motion during impact. This provides the golfer with a way to understand where their body is within the golf swing and helps them to make adjustments that may be necessary to correct a problem. However, if you don’t know what problem you are trying to correct, you can’t make the appropriate changes to your swing mechanics.


Biomechanists, or golfers, have been benefiting from a High Speed Video Analysis technology for quite some time. First introduced on the commercial market in 2021, v1 golf swing analysis apps quickly gained momentum and popularity. The primary difference between an app from a pro shop or sporting goods store is that the app is specifically designed for golfers, meaning it is designed to meet the specific needs of golfers. For example, an app designed by a pro shop would show you pictures of caddies or clubs at different angles to highlight areas of your golf swing which are deemed to be incorrect. However, the v1 golf swing analysis is specifically designed for golfers, so it will demonstrate exactly what you need to work on to improve your golf swing technique.


An example of one of the many apps available is the swing tip golf analyzer. This app will measure such aspects as swing speed, club head speed, ball flight distance, spin rate, club shaft flex, as well as many other factors. Simply download the app, put it on your iPhone, and let it analyze all of the information you enter. In just a few short minutes you’ll be able to see if you’re swinging the club in the proper fashion.


The latest golf swing analysis fitness tracking devices are designed to give golfers a personal training program. Fitness monitors such as the FitFlop and Liftmaster Mobile Office Monitor have a number of innovative features. For example, the Liftmaster Monitor measures not only your heart rate but the resistance on your arms, legs, and torso. These two measurements can be compared to your previous performance measurements to see how improving one of these areas will improve your overall fitness.


Another great feature found in many of these devices is the golf swing speed radar. Just like your heart-rate monitor, a golf swing speed radar will measure the resistance your body generates against movement. In addition, it will track your club head speed as well. Many professionals will tell you that improving the way you move throughout your golf swing will greatly improve your game.


These new golf fitness monitors can be worn on the arm, wrist, or waist for maximum accuracy. When attached to your club, they offer great flexibility since you can use them wherever you golf. These wireless golf fitness sensors monitor and record your club speed, distance, acceleration, force, power, torque, and movements during your swing, so you can see what you should be doing with your stance, your grip, or your golf swing. Once you’ve reviewed your movements during your actual swing, it’s easy to make any necessary adjustments. You can then take the information you’ve learned and apply it to your own game to help your improve your golf swing speed.