Golf Swing Tips For Women – How to Swing Properly and Easily

Do you want to play like a man, but just not quite in the men’s game? It can be difficult for a woman to play golf like a man, but there are golf swing tips that woman can use to straighten their drives and make their shots. The men’s golf swing is all about power and control. A lot of women think they have this, but they just don’t know how to get it. Here are a few golf swing tips for women you can use today to get that power and control.

Golf Swing Tips For Women – How to Swing Properly and Easily


Before you even think about doing anything on the golf course, learn how a woman should swing. If you’re trying to get that perfect golf swing, you’ve got to understand what makes a woman so good at it. Every woman has unique qualities that make her great at golf, and these characteristics can help you get that swing.


A woman’s golf swing tips will always center around the hips. This is where most of the power comes from. Make sure that your hips are moving at all times, as this will create the power you need. In addition, keep your knees bent at all times. This will keep the back straight and help you create more speed with the golf swing.


Another one of the great golf swing tips for women is to swing on the top of your golf club. You’ve probably seen this style many times when you’re watching the guys at the driving range. It’s an easy way to get the golf swing you want, but you must remember to keep the club swinging. Trying to pull the club back will cause you to lose distance and even your accuracy. Just swing on top of the club and let the power come from you and the ball.


Other golf swing tips for women include not carrying your golf club too far back in your backswing. As a woman, it can be hard to hit the ball at the right distance if your club is too far back in your backswing. To help you hit the ball farther, make sure to keep your club up in your chest. This will make your backswing smoother and give you more room to move your hands and feet while you’re making your backswing.


Another one of the important golf swing tips for women is to keep your shoulder down throughout the golf swing. This will keep your club from slipping out of your hands and will prevent you from over extending your body. When a woman goes to swing, her shoulders may go too far down and come up with the golf club. This can cause you to lose distance and even make it harder to control your shot. Keep your shoulder down throughout the entire swing and you’ll be hitting better golf shots.


Last, but certainly not least, the best golf swing tips for women involve your stance. When you’re trying to hit a golf ball, your body needs to be set into the proper position for a good solid shot. Many times a woman will take a bad step forward or try to make a fancy motion that doesn’t match her body’s natural movement. You have to make sure that your feet are apart a little bit, and that your knees are either slightly bent or locked. This will allow you to have a firm foundation on which to swing your golf club.


Once you follow these golf swing tips for women, you should notice an improvement in your golf game. Not only will you be hitting straighter, but you’ll also have more fun on the course. Women love to play golf, and if you show them how to do it correctly, they’ll be hooked. Not only that, but they’ll tell their friends to teach them how to do it! Then you won’t have to wonder what you’re going to get next when it comes to a round of golf.