Golf Swing Videos – Fix Your W Swing

Golf Swing Videos. Are they what you need? A golfer’s secret to a great swing is how to hold the golf club properly in his hands. The proper grip on the club is known as golf chipping.

Some great golf swing videos are on the market today. Many are instructional for beginners. They show the proper posture and give you specific details of how to hold a particular club. Other golf swing videos teach proper footwork, explaining how you should plant your feet and use your lower body to get the ball airborne. Then there are basic golf instruction videos that just give you tips and details about the game.

There are some important points you should pay attention to when looking for golf swing videos. First of all, never assume the shaft is straight because it is not. The shaft of the golf club is curved and unless you see the face of the golf club, you can’t tell if it is straight or not. Some golf instructors mistakenly say a bent shaft is normal while others insist that a bent shaft is a sign of a bad swing.

Another point is that golf swing videos must be specific to the golfer. Holding a club one-handed incorrectly can cause wrist action to turn in the wrong direction. On the other hand, using a golf club the wrong way can cause an over-the-top takeaway that looks like a bomb went off in the middle of the fairway. It will actually end up going in the rough instead of the fairway.

Most golfers know that keeping the clubhead square with the ball and aiming for a narrow distance from the ball through impact is the short game strategy. However, many new and inexperienced golfers have problems making this happen consistently. This is why most golf swing videos focus on the short game more than anything else. The goal is to get the golfers face in the line of the ball and the hands and arms around the target to make solid contact.

Another point to focus on is that most golfers will experience a decrease in power and distance through the swing as the body gets in the downswing. One reason for this is that the torso turns in the opposite direction as the hands and arms move away from the ball. This can be fixed by moving the upper body out of the way to make the body turn correctly and for the ball flight to go straight.

You will also notice that the golfer’s arms and hands do not swing directly at the ball during the backswing but rather swing in an arc around it. This is where most amateur golfers are having problems. While it is possible to correct this by practicing the backswing, it is very difficult to improve it in one single lesson. You should try to practice swings with heavier clubs over again until you notice a huge improvement.

Finally, you should fix your posture when it comes to the golf swing. The club shaft needs to be pointed straight up at your eye with your hips and knees bent while your feet are shoulder width apart. Also, be sure that you are rotating your shoulders properly which will also help with the power of the swing. If these tips sound like they may not apply to you do not see yourself improving your game on a video, then there is no need to spend any money on golfing products as you can easily improve your game by using a guide like the one in the links below.