Golf Warm Up Stretches to Improve Your Golf Game

To improve your golf game, it’s wise to practice your golf warm up routines at least two times per week. This will give you the best chance to see improvement in your golf game. Practice makes perfect.

Golf Warm Up Stretches to Improve Your Golf Game


Here’s a 2 minute video which targets those critical areas with five easy dynamic golf stretches. Also, visit this site to find out more on golf fitness. Golf warm up drive range | key swing | drive range | distance | swing} You should start by standing behind a golf range. You should have a bucket or hose with water already in it. The key to the drive range drill is to have someone there who can tell you if you’re holding it too tight or too loose. It’s important to not grip the club too tightly, or else it will change your posture and result in an unbalanced swing. A loose grip could be causing you to lose distance, so you want to relax your hands before the drive range.


Place a tee in the center of the circle you’ve created for yourself, and then take out a bucket of balls. Don’t switch out the buckets until you’re confident you’ve all of your golf balls. You’re going to need one ball for each of your drives that you use on the course. You may also want to have another bucket of balls for those short shots you need to get over and get back into the fairway. Now you want to kneel down and then take your driver golf ball and strike it with both your feet hips, and back at the same time.


You want to do this starting from the far side of the fairway, and then as you move toward the middle of the green, you’ll do the opposite. After you have all of your balls in, now is the time to focus on a nice smooth golf swing. It is very easy to get carried away during a golf game and not pay enough attention to the things you should be paying attention to. That’s why when you are doing your golf warm up stretches, focus on swinging smoothly, and you should see a significant improvement in your golf game.


One easy way to improve your putting is to focus on a key swing. It does not matter what kind of golf ball you are using, as long as you are practicing your key swing. To practice your key swing, set up a tee so that you have at least five balls. Then take your driver golf ball and putt them on the line. Then make small adjustments to your stance and body motion until you can consistently see these up from the fairway.


Another of the many golf warm ups that you should do before you even step onto the golf course is to stretch your arms and shoulders. This will loosen up your muscles before you ever step into the golf course. Another thing that you should do before golfing is to tighten up your core. This is done by doing some crunches. You can do these at home just as easily as you would in the store.


All of these golf warm ups will help you improve your golf game. You should spend some time doing them before you go out and golf. Try them out for a few weeks and then decide if you feel like you need to improve your golf game. Just remember to stretch those muscles before you golf. It will also give you a better feeling when you get out there on the golf course and actually do golf.