Golfing Tips – Making The Perfect Swing

The golf swing is an elusive thing. We hear people make vague, disconnected statements about how we should learn a swing. What we really want to hear is how to hit great drives and wedges, how to roll the ball like Tiger, and so on.

The more you work on your game, the more tricks and techniques you learn. These mental steps (the ones that require some level of conscious effort) not only help you improve your skills, but also make you more consistent, which will lead to increased scores and enjoyment. Here are some of the worst mistakes you can make during your golf swing:

Not Paying Attention

One of the worst things you can do is to ignore the swing from your instructor, which is what I do every time I play golf alone. Whenever I get out on the golf course with my friends, they will let me know how much I’m swaying my arms and which way my wrists are tilted. I don’t know why, but I will not notice myself doing that on my own. When I go back to my own game later, I will end up messing up and playing a lot worse than when I first started.

Not Taking Precautions

When I’m alone on the course, I will rarely set my club on my tee pad or move it from side to side to get a better feel for my direction. When I play with my friends, on the other hand, I set the club down first and then take my club to the spot where I want it to be. I will use both hands for as much of the swing as possible. Then, I will check the line of my iron to make sure it’s right before I take it to the hole.

Not Noticing Your Footwork

In most swings, you use two hands to power the club down the fairway. Your right hand is used to hit down on the right side of your right foot. You then rotate your shoulders and hit with your left hand. This works well when you’re on the putting green, where you can rest your putter in your left hand.

When you play your golf game, however, your feet are not where they should be. Most golfers stand with their left foot planted on the ground, which is what causes most of the over-the-top swings. To counteract this problem, you’ll need to start by putting one hand down on the ground, at least partially, then get your other hand up higher.

You’ll also want to rotate your shoulders away from the ball and your right shoulder to the inside. This will give you the flexibility to continue to hit the club back and through the ball.

Take these mental steps. They will improve your golf game and become the basis for your game, at least as you start to play on your own.