Having a Golf Themed Party

Having a Golf Themed Party

Any kind of sports celebration makes a great party theme, but if you’d like to really score a hole in one on your next party, throw a golf themed party!” That’s right, you heard correctly, golf-themed parties are the hit these days. There’s nothing like hitting the links to get everyone in the family involved in a friendly game of golf. Invite the neighborhood kids over for a play and they’ll be hooked from the minute they hear the golf theme song being played. A round of golf at your house?


You can set up the course yourself if you have the time or you can hire a professional to do it for you. It’s fun to set up the course and if you have the money, go ahead, and use that to create a wonderful centerpiece. With a polka dot setup, it’s a little more elaborate and interesting than what we’ve described so far. When you think of polka dots, do some research and find some pattern that appeals to you. Try to pick a polka dot that’s bright and vibrant.


It doesn’t have to be just a golf ball, either. Small items can be used as golf accessories, such as golf balls, golf tees, markers, golf bags, and anything else golf-related that your guest will recognize and enjoy. If you want a golf themed birthday party, make sure to give out golf gifts at the end of the event. It’s not just something you do at the party; give them something to take home to use at home.


One classic golf accessory is the golf ball. At your golf themed party, each guest is given one golf ball with a personalized message on the ball. These can be things like “You got beat but I’m not quitting” or “Welcome to the game of golf, champ.” You can also find golf balls printed with inspirational quotes or humorous sayings. There’s almost no end to the items you can find for golf balls these days, even custom printed ones!


Another great idea for a golf themed party would be to create a polka-dot patch or a golf shirt. A polka-dot patch can be sewn onto an outfit or bought as a separate piece. A golf shirt can be made with a polka dot design and then turned into a t-shirt or with a golf logo printed on it. Both of these items make great souvenirs to take home after the party is over.


For the game of golf, you’ll definitely need some golf balls. Look for small golf balls at a craft store or better yet, ask each guest to bring a golf ball with them. Divide the players into two or three teams. Each team gets ten minutes to play eighteen holes of golf and the winning team gets the prize. If there are more people than golf balls, the golf themed party can be adjusted so that everyone has time to play.


As for the polka-dot golf ball, it’s really easy to make. Purchase a large polka dot pattern from your local craft store and get out the sewing machine. If you’re on a tight budget, you can use paper and markers and just do the outline of the polka dots. After that, it’s just about getting the fabric and gluing it to a golf ball. It may seem like a lot of work, but once you see how cool the finished product looks, it’s worth the extra time.


To entertain your guests at a golf themed party, ask them to wear golf shirts or hats. Have golf cups and plates, and all other golf accessories on hand. Turn on your golf theme music and give out golf themed party favors to your guests. You will surely have a great time!