How I Made This Golf Cake For My Daughter’s Birthday

If you’re planning a birthday party and want to serve a golf themed cake, here are a few ideas for you to mull over. The first is the traditional sponge cake, a favorite at kid’s birthday parties and weddings alike. This is easy to make by mixing plain sponge with some dark chocolate and whipped cream or vanilla. You could play around with different flavors, fruit, or chocolate for a different twist.


Golf themed cake with a golf theme can have a simple, yet elegant design. Start by mixing up some plain chocolate, a touch of lemon, and a splash of orange. Roll out the mixture and use it as an icing. Handpiped frosting to resemble grass, brown sugar to resemble dirt and a cool blue sky to look just like a golf ball.


My year-old son loves to have clean ups and I thought it would be a great idea to make a special sheet cake for him. I bought him a nice wooden club from a garage sale and decorated it with pink and white cushions I had picked up at the dollar shop. To complete the set, I bought a couple of plastic golf balls from a toy store. I cut out the golf balls with the kids help and shaped them using spray painting techniques. Golf themed cake can have so many possibilities.


I made a special hole in the corner and used a square of white frosting. I placed a golf ball in the middle and turned it a quarter upside down. Using a hot glue gun, I stuck each piece onto the cake pan. After a couple of days, I baked the cake and put it in the oven. When it was done, I frosted the entire cake and placed it on a plate with a very happy birthday boy smiling at me.


This golf cake was decorated with green icing between the golf balls. On the outside of the cake I wrote “Happy Birthday,” which was also written in a small box. Next to that, I painted a big fondant cone. The golf ball rolled out and fell into the hole in the corner. With a bit of practice I realized that I could actually create a sand trap that went almost perfectly with the golf theme.


One of my daughter’s friends also has a son who loves the sports theme. She gave her a great gift by making him a golf course birthday cake. To make it easier on her, we bought her a golf bag with an umbrella. I even added a golf towel with a printed golf design.


She made a great presentation by displaying the bag and golf towel on a stand with an umbrella and then putting the sand trap into the cake. We cut out the golf-themed “V” shape and used some edible markers to write “Viva Golf” and “Welcome to the Sand Trap.” When she came home from school, she picked up the “Welcome to the Sand Trap” note and returned to the stand with her present.


Her friend had borrowed the stand and had hung it on the door leading to her garage. She loved seeing her golf bag there on her birthday and thought that we had done a great job. Now all she needs is her own golf cake! Her next party will be a corporate golf party, so if anyone wants to bring a golf club to it, maybe she can have the kids make their own golf cake.