How to Achieve the Perfect Golf Swing For Left Handers

How to Achieve the Perfect Golf Swing For Left Handers

The golf swing for left handers is not the same as right handers. Although many golfers find that they have more success hitting the ball longer and straighter with their dominant hand, golf for left handers is a skill that can take some time to perfect. It’s also a skill that is more easily learned than those of right handers. With this in mind, it is important that golfers who are left handed learn the proper techniques to make sure that they are at an advantage over other golfers.


First, the golfer needs to get his backswing in position. A good backswing begins at the hips and shoulders to the weight shift to the rear foot. This will allow the golfer to create more space between the club and the ball. As the weight shifts to the rear foot, the golfer will need to turn his torso and head to the target to compensate. Turning the torso allows the golfer to get a smooth downswing where everything hits the target together.


Once the golfer has turned his torso, he needs to cock his wrists. While the wrists are cocked back, the left foot must be turned to about 45 degrees to the golfer’s left. With the left foot turned to the left, the golfer will be able to see the target line clearly, even though he may not be looking directly at the target. Remember, you need to swing the club through the ball, not at the target.


After the wrists are fully cocked, the golfers swing must start over at the top of the body. With the swing fully overhand, the golfer must bring the club head through the ball using momentum. The swing continues in this fashion until the golf ball is struck. This is considered to be the top of the swing. Remember, the ball needs to be hit close to the ground so that it will have enough lift to make it fly straight up and away.


The follow-through describes the path of the golf ball after it has been struck. It is important that the club remains square at all times during the follow-through. Remember, if the club twists at the end of the follow-through, this is an indication that the ball is off-target and will not travel the distance that you want it to.


Learning the perfect golf swing for left handers does take some time and practice. You should take your time and practice on the driving range before you go out on the golf course. Make sure that you have a few practice swings with a friend before you go out to the golf course. The more you practice the better you will become at this skill. Practice makes perfect so set aside a few minutes each day to work on your golf swing.