How to Choose a Golf Rangefinder

As the name suggests, golf rangefinders are a tool used to measure and display the distance between two points on a golf course. The first question to answer in buying golf rangefinders is if they are suitable for you. The 2 main categories are GPS and laser rangefinders and both cost between $hoff.-per pair. While price is clearly still the main concern in any shopping decision, the development in the functionality of golf rangefinders over the years has also made the decision of when to buy one a lot more complex. Let’s take a look at how ranges are measured by various manufacturers and what they have to offer.

How to Choose a Golf Rangefinder


As you would expect GPS is the more expensive option but it does have some advantages. The advantage with GPS golf rangefinders is that they can provide you with the best possible distance measurements while ensuring that you get accurate readings. When buying a rangefinder, you will also need to make sure that the one you buy is the best golf rangefinder for you as different people have different requirements when it comes to rangefinder functionality. If you think you will use the rangefinder regularly then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t spend a little bit more money and get one that will last a long time.


The other major category of rangefinders is the laser rangefinder, which is slightly cheaper than GPS but still costs quite a bit less than you’d expect. One of the benefits of laser rangefinders is that they can actually measure your swing speed and measure distance between your ball and the desired target. Some of the pros of using lasers instead of GPS is that they don’t require batteries and that the light they reflect off the golf ball can reveal the direction that you want to hit the ball. The cons of using lasers instead of GPS include that you need to be able to aim at the ball once you’ve thrown it and that they’re not always as accurate as GPS devices.


There are some rangefinder types that offer slightly less accuracy than others, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t work as well. The main benefit that you can get from rangefinder types that give less accuracy is that you can determine the precise distance between your desired target and the golf ball at the same time. This means that you can use two rangefinders to measure the same distance. The downside of this however is that they can’t guarantee the exact distance as a GPS device would be able to. In addition to measuring distance, most rangefinder devices also give the amount of yard that you cover in one measurement, as well as the slope of the playing surface. While these aren’t usually important features to consider when you’re looking for a golf rangefinder, you’ll probably be using them a lot and will want to know that they’re accurate enough to use.


The last category of golf rangefinder that we’ll discuss is the preloaded maps that some devices come with. Preloaded maps are essentially pre-programmed ways of measuring distance and reading the contours of various golf courses. While it’s nice to have these devices because they make measuring distance so much easier, the only real advantage that they have isn’t really an advantage at all – it’s a disadvantage. That is, if you’re playing at a course that doesn’t have any preloaded maps. In most cases, a preloaded map can only measure an approximate distance, not an exact one.


All three of these categories of golf rangefinders have advantages and disadvantages that you’ll need to weigh carefully. If you’re just measuring distance, you’ll probably be fine with the rangefinder type that offers little or no accuracy. However, if you plan on going out and playing often, especially on difficult golf courses, you might be more comfortable with some of the other handheld devices. Even if you don’t have a problem with reading the contours of a golf course, it’s still a good idea to invest in a good rangefinder that can offer you the best results when you need them. There are plenty of excellent devices on the market today, and you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.