How to Choose a Putter For Consistent Golfing

How to choose a putter can be one of the most important decisions you make while playing golf. Putters are one of the main tools for the golf game and selecting the proper putter is very important if a golfer wants to have success in the game. A putter that is too weak or too powerful can result in missing the ball and making many costly mistakes. There are a number of different putters on the market, and it can often be confusing to determine which putter is best for a particular player. Here are a few tips to help you in selecting the correct putter for your playing needs:

How to Choose a Putter For Consistent Golfing


First, you will need to understand how each putter is classified by the manufacturer. Each type of putter is designed for a particular type of golf course, such as a sand trap or a long fairway. Below, we offer some brief descriptions of the three most popular putters on the market today:


The first putter we will review is the solid felt putter. This is probably the most forgiving putter on the market today. If a golfer hits the ball on the middle of the hole, they can expect to make about two to three strokes. However, if they hit the ball on the edge of the hole, they can expect to make about six to seven strokes.


Many experienced golfers prefer the solid feel of this type of putter because it allows them to feel more in control of the shot. Another advantage to choosing this type of putter is that they tend to have better distance than other types of putters. However, if a golfer does not like the feel of the putter, they may want to try a cheap putter that does not have a great feel.


Most putters are sold with a grip. Some cheaper putters do not come with a grip, so the golfer has to buy one separately. Two of the most common grip styles are the interlocking grip and the standard grip. Most golfers prefer the interlocking grip, which is made up of two interlocking pieces of wood, as it is easy to establish good grips.


When looking at how to choose a putter, another thing to consider is whether the putters are suitable for a particular golf course. There are putters available for every golf course and every golf player. Therefore, it can be difficult to find the correct putter for the right golfer. Two of the most important factors when determining how to choose a putter are the lie position and the par of the course. Both of these factors are determined by the golf club that a golfer is using.


The lie is the distance between the ball and the hole, in inches. The par of the course refers to the slope of the green that the golfer is playing on. Many golfers prefer to play on a slope that is one half of an inch to one and a half inches. Once a golfer has chosen the type of putter that suits his or her playing style, he or she must take into consideration the weight of the putter. Putting can be very strenuous on the arms, back and shoulders, so most putters have a weight that is appropriate for their arms.


Finally, most putters have a maximum club length. This is the maximum length of the putter head and the distance that the ball can be hit from the tip of the club to the hole. Most golfers usually carry putters that have a length of one and a half feet to three feet. This is usually enough for most golfers, but some golfers will opt for longer putters in order to increase the number of strokes they can get on the green.