How to Choose the Best Golf Clothes and Other Golf Etiquette Dress Codes for Women

The old rules were broken when women started wearing golf apparel, but the game has truly become more popular. Women now play the game with more panache and style than ever before. There are a variety of new golf outfits available for women. The Golf Channel has been broadcasting golf to every home in America since 1993. A lot of well-known celebrities have been caught on camera wearing some of the latest golf fashions, including Kim Clijsters, Bethpage Springs’ Rachel Smith and outgoing PGA Tour golfers girlfriend Brandie Barker.

Nowadays, almost any woman can wear the latest fashions on the golf course. This is good news for the many female golfers who dread heading out on to the links. Although most golf courses still don’t allow women to play, there are several women’s golf apparel shops that cater to the sportsman lady. These stores sell everything from cleated shoes, golf skirts and tops, to hats and t-shirts. They offer golf apparels to suit every woman’s needs, no matter what she wears. With the popularity of the game skyrocketing, it is no wonder that the number of these stores has increased.

Although many professional golfers would prefer to play in golf attire that looks just like the men, the women who do play the sport enjoy choosing clothing styles that are different. The women who play the game don’t have to stick to boring golf attire. They can choose something sexy, fun and flirty to make their game even more attractive. Here are a few of the hottest trends in golfing for this summer:

The skorts and dresses are fast becoming the must-have fashion attire of women golfers wear this summer. The skorts, usually knee length or longer, can be worn with a short pair of pants or shorts. The short shorts are now so fashionable that they are frequently worn as casual wear on the golf course. Women golfers can choose between short and long skorts. Long skorts, however, are ideal for women who want to look elegant while they are swinging their golf clubs.

The new style of ladies golf dresses is called the mini Skort. The mini Skorts is similar to the traditional skorts except they have a shorter length. Mini Skorts is very comfortable to wear and they can look very casual, even though the skorts are a bit revealing. Mini skirts are the perfect choice if you are planning to spend a lot of time on the golf course. Since mini skorts are very comfortable, women can wear them almost throughout the entire summer.

Another trend in women’s golf apparel is to wear golf clubs in their casual clothes. The golf clubs can be easily found in many department stores around the country. You can also find golf shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, and shorts that will match your golf clubs perfectly. This means that you do not have to change your golf clothes or even take them off when you are on the course.

The new trend in women’s golf fashion golf outfit is to use accessories to accessorize your golf outfits. For instance, some women prefer to use sunglasses as their top choice. They also choose to use golf bags with their golf clubs. There are many other accessories available to accessorize your women’s golfing outfits so you can choose any of these options.

If you follow all the right golf etiquette dress code, you should be able to play your game like a pro. The golf clubs will just come in handy on the course. Good luck and happy golfing!