How to Choose the Best Golf Fitness Workouts for Your Level of Practice and Physical Condition

Golf fitness workouts don’t have to be complicated. A well-designed program can result in dramatic changes in both your golf game and body. You can improve your consistency, technique, power, stamina, rotation and distance very quickly. Most programs are based on your current fitness level, golf goal, swing difficulty, handicap, timing, flexibility and program.

Most golf fitness workouts are designed to target specific areas of the body. Lower back, leg strength, core strength, abdominal strength, cardiovascular conditioning and golf swing tempo is just a few areas of focus. Most programs are designed around your current level of fitness.

Flexibility exercises are very important golf fitness workouts. Flexibility refers to the ability to move freely and smoothly. Core exercises work your lower back, abdominal and shoulder muscles. These exercises can improve golf-specific strength including arm strength and core strength.

To begin a golf-specific strength and conditioning program you should design a workout program around your current level of physical conditioning. To help you determine what exercises to use, I recommend that you read “The Physique Formula” by Mike Geary. This book contains many different exercises and workout plans for improving your golf swing, upper body strength and conditioning, as well as golf fitness workouts specific to the lower body. You can purchase the physical book or download the eBook for a full copy of the 75-page book.

The exercises described in The Physique Formula are meant to improve your level of flexibility and muscular strength. They are not golf specific exercises. A good golf fitness workout plan will include total body workouts that will train the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints to prevent injury during your swing. If you do an effective workout plan you will be able to prevent injuries from occurring and you will be able to increase your level of mobility, control and strength while golfing.

Many golfers are looking for simple strength training that does not require a lot of specialized equipment. This is where plyometrics come in. Plyometrics is a great low impact, muscle-building exercise that provides a tremendous amount of strength, speed and power for improving golf swing mechanics. Many professional golfers incorporate plyometrics into their golf fitness workouts to achieve superior results. Some professional golfers such as Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson incorporate heavy resistance training into their golf strength training programs to develop incredible strength and power.

In addition to improving your level of strength, flexibility and coordination, golf fitness workouts should also incorporate cardiovascular exercises to improve your endurance. You need to give your body adequate time to rest between sets and during exercises to allow it to recuperate. Aerobic exercise should be performed at least three times a week with maximum intensity for twenty minutes. One of the best types of aerobic exercises to add to your golf fitness workouts is walking because of its simplicity and ability to build stamina. The easiest way to accomplish walking your exercise is to use a metronome to set the time you will complete your exercise.

Golf fitness workouts will improve your golf game by building strength, coordination, flexibility and stamina. Make sure that you are performing exercises that are appropriate for your age and current level of physical fitness. These types of workouts will improve the overall feel of your swing which will assist in improving your golf game. Combine these workouts with proper golf lessons and you will notice a huge improvement in your golf game.

When it comes to strengthening your muscles, your most efficient workouts are compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once. Exercises that target specific muscles such as your back, hips and quads are great because they build strength and help you create more power in your swing. Combining exercises that build strength with ones that target specific muscles, such as your lower back and upper thighs, will create an imbalance in your swing. This imbalance will cause you to have an injury which will affect your swing.

A good golf fitness workout will include exercises that will increase your flexibility, endurance, core strength and motor control while also increasing your range of motion and correcting any problems you may have with your posture. These types of fitness exercises will help you play a better golf game both off and on the golf course. If you have mobility issues or find that your golf game requires extra strength and coordination to get around on your golf course, you should definitely work on these areas during your workout.

Flexibility and strength are two key components for golfers. Golf fitness workouts that focus on increasing these aspects of your game are what many golfers look for. The best golf fitness programs will focus on these areas and provide you with a workout program that you can use to improve your golf game. Before you start any type of fitness routine, check with your doctor to make sure that it is safe for you to do.