How to Develop a Proper Golf Swing Sequence and Follow-Through For Maximum Accuracy

A golf swing sequence is simply the order where you perform the various components of a backswing together. A player is in a middle of a golf swing sequence when they are at the top of their backswing. A golfer’s body is simply accelerating down towards the ground with a multi-stage rocket down in earth orbit. A golf player is a five-stage rocket: the arms, legs, hips, shoulder, and hands. The five-stage rocket then separates itself from the rocket that is in the lower atmosphere. So if we look at a golfer’s body in this sequence we see that their arms are not at the top of their sequence (the arms are at the beginning of the sequence) and therefore the arms do not start to come together until the fifth stage of the sequence – the arms are separated from the body by the momentum that was created in the fifth stage.

The first part of the golf swing sequence is called the takeaway. The takeaway starts by moving your hips first and your shoulders second. You must make sure that your left foot is positioned so that the inside of the “t” for your right foot is lined up with the ball.


Then you will move your feet, hips, and shoulders next. When you hit your follow through the next stage of the golf swing sequence is called the backswing. The backswing starts by turning your torso and then you will rotate your left arm. When you finish in a forward position you will need to move your hands and your clubhead together. Your backswing and follow through are the most critical parts of your swing. The way in which you start out your shots will make or break your accuracy and your distance on every shot.


There is a drill available that will teach you how to properly sequence your clubhead during your golf swing. This drill is referred to as the sand target drill. The first thing you will need for this drill is a sand trap that will provide a small grass area. The purpose of the sand trap is to simulate grass while you are hitting golf balls. Begin by lining the front of the trap up so that the hole is in the center. Place tees and a golf ball in the middle of the trap.


The sand traps will serve as your practice area and working space. After you have set the trap up and begun to practice, this drill will help you develop a proper golf swing sequence and proper follow-through that will maximize your accuracy and distance. One of the biggest problems that golfers have is poor follow-through because they do not fully realize what is happening to their bodies as they swing. When you develop a proper golf swing sequence and proper follow-through, you will be well on your way to developing a natural golf swing that will make you a very profitable golfer.


You might be thinking that your game will just get better with time, but the only way you will ever know if it will work for you or not is to actually develop a proper golf swing sequence. Once you develop one, you will notice that it is much easier to do things the correct way the second time around. Developing this simple sequence will help you become a more successful golfer in no time flat.