How To Do Golf Swing Drills At Home (20 mins)

Going for frequent golf swing drills at home will help you improve golf swing in a short period of time. Regular exercises to help you change your body posture, core strength, and flexibility.

In the long run these will lead to a better backswing, downswing and follow through. Here are 10 ways of practicing golf swing drills at home:

Clear feedback. Your position at impact with the ball should give you clear feedback of where you are in your swing path at the time of impact.

A good way to check your position at impact is to place your golf club behind your back feet, walk back as far as you can and then extend your hands towards the ground while keeping your club pointing in the same direction as your feet.

How far away do you feel from making contact?

The clear feedback will help you adjust your stance and the path of your swing to hit a golf ball with more consistency. A little bit of movement in either the head or the shaft of your golf club can make all the difference in your accuracy and distance.

Practice putting. This drill at home is a great way of improving your putting stroke.

This is an indoor putting drill that works on developing your putts by having you line up your feet at the edge of the green and practice your stroke repeatedly until it becomes second nature.

Drill on short chip shots. This is another drill that can be practiced at home.

Have a friend or family member bring a golf ball to the practice range, stand behind a chair or tee box, and let your friend to practice hitting a few practice shots while you watch. It is important not to rush through this drill but to actually concentrate on each shot as if you are actually playing a game.

Drill on chipping and pitching. These are also indoor golf practice routine exercises that can be done at home.

Have a friend who is good at chipping or a decent pitching. Show them how to hold the club, how to position their body, and how to transfer weight from one foot to the other.

Once they have mastered these skills, show them how to use a weight-shift technique.

Drill on chipping fade shots. This drill requires that you have a golf ball with you and someone who can act as your target.

Have them tie it up so that it lies in the center of your practice area. Then, while you and the other player are still working on your swings, tee of the golf ball up toward the person who is your target.

When the other person strikes the ball, pay close attention to the way they carry the ball back to you and then release your hand so that your club comes into contact with the ball.

Another drill that can help improve your chipping and pitching golf impacts is to set up a mini-golf impact bag.

Purchase an inexpensive mini golf impact bag and practice your swings with it at home.

This will allow you to focus on making all the necessary contact with the bag instead of focusing on the golf ball. The mini-golf impact bag will let you practice and improve all aspects of your game at the same time.

Lastly, practice chipping at home (20 mins) using the same tee and mini-golf bag drill mentioned above.

This drill will allow you to improve your putting and work on your chipping and pitching golf shots at the same time. The great thing about practicing with a mini-golf bag and tee is that it will keep you from having to travel to the golf course for practice.