How to Fix a Golf Slice

I know we all feel a little self-conscious when we have an errant shot, and even more so when it is a bad shot. But if you feel any of these things:

  • You really blew it with an errant shot
  • You knew it was coming, but you did it anyway
  • It was a really bad shot, but you have the shot back!

I have a way to help you out with this. This is a really basic drill, but it is one that every golfer should know. It will work on almost any situation with the exception of a hole-in-one.

The drill is called “Fixing a Slice”, and it will help you to swing your club with the correct club face angle, get the proper launch angle, and your swing into the ball with more swing momentum!

The Fixing a Slice Drill

If you remember, before you play you need to do an alignment drill. This usually involves hitting the ball back and forth between your hands as you draw the club to you from your inside to outside hip. It is a good drill to help you better get your swing right and improve your swing speed.

Now, once you have your alignment and club face position set up correctly, you can put your driver away and go hit your irons. If you do your best to keep your body neutral from shoulder to toe, you will be able to hit your irons well. You might have to change where you hit the ball with your driver to keep your body going the way you want it to.

Get into your left stance, close your left hand into your left hand, hold your right knee with your left hand, then aim your ball in front of your right foot as your make a back swing (more like a “smile” motion).

The backswing will help you understand how your body is going to move in the follow-through. Now, take a few swings at your ball and notice that your body is not going back. In fact, your body is in front of your right foot and you are just going into a big pull.

You will notice that when you pull back on the club, you are pulling the golf ball to your left side and you will be moving it across your chest.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, if you don’t know why you are swinging bad, maybe you need to dig deeper into why you are doing things. Maybe you should consider a change of mindset and think about the better shot you can have.

Now that you have a better understanding of the issues, we can start to try to solve the problem. I hope you will be able to put the proper swing mechanics into action on the next hole or two. Good luck!