How to Fix Golf Injuries – Flexibility Exercises

Many golf exercises for flexibility can be performed before, during and after a game of golf. One way to improve your golf game is to have greater flexibility. It is a well known fact that the body gets used to exerting energy and as a golfer you will do that much more in golf exercises. The more flexible you are the less likely you are to sustain an injury.

Golf exercises help a lot because they help you maintain proper body alignment during your swing. As a golfer, your backswing is where you generate the power from your golf club to hit the ball. You don’t want to try and do a power swing when your body is not aligned correctly. With some golf exercises you can learn how to maintain good body alignment as you swing your club.

Another exercise that is very important is the one arm golf exercises. As you swing your club, this one arm golf exercise will help to get your shoulder, hips and knees in the correct position. Most golfers do not allow themselves to get into a proper swing plane. They tend to swing on a plane that is not even or on their natural swing path.

To do this golf exercises simply move your left arm from your body so that it points straight out behind your body. Once you have done this turn your head toward your left and feel the rotation of your neck. This is where you will find yourself at your proper swing plane. This one arm swing will allow you to generate more power into your swing and will make you hit the ball with more precision.

There are many more golf exercises that can help you to swing more efficiently and to increase your swing speed. These golf exercises are easy to do and will allow you to generate more power and to hit the ball with a better trajectory. The more flexibility you have the better you will be able to control your shots. Golf is truly a game of skill and getting better at it requires practice. The more you practice the better you will become and the faster you will add distance to your shots.

One golf exercise that you can do that will really work the muscles in your body is to arch your back while you are swinging. The more that you arch your back the more flexible you will become. When you are doing golf exercises keep your eyes on the ball at all times. This is the most important thing, because if you look away from the ball than you are cheating yourself out of the proper stance.

Another great golf exercises is to bend over as far as you can while keeping your knees bent. Keep your upper body straight and lower body in a similar angle to that of a waiter carrying a tray. You want to keep your feet at least shoulder width apart. Once you have performed these golf exercises it will be very difficult for you to go back in a traditional golf swing. You will instead want to try to use your body’s natural movements to produce power instead of relying on your arms and wrists.

These golf exercises are designed to help you reduce your handicap, develop better balance and strength in your legs, hips and core. This all translates into a more accurate and powerful golf swing. Once you start to feel the improvement in your golf swing you will never want to go back to the old ways. There will always be something more effective and efficient than the methods that you were using before. Make sure you stay with the tried and true methods and your handicaps will never go above six again.