How to Improve Your Golf Swing Sequence

There are many different steps involved in the correct golf swing sequence. The first step is to set up and address, which are two very important factors that affect everything else. Most golfers find that this step of their golf swing is the easiest part of their golf swing to perfect, and yet it’s also probably the most overlooked part of their golf swing to work on as well. This article will detail the importance of setting up your golf shot correctly.

The first part of your golf swing sequence involves addressing, or finding the correct aiming point for your setup. You should place the golf club at about one foot behind the golf ball with your back shoulder pointed towards the target. In general, the rule of thumb is that the shoulders line up about six inches from the left hip on a straight line between the shoulders and the golf ball. If your hips, legs and upper body to rotate towards the target this will cause the shoulders to turn out of square.

Your second step in the correct golf swing sequence involves a good, clean posture, good backswing and downswing. Remember this, good posture and clean mechanics start before the impact on the golf ball. When you are addressing you should keep your shoulders level with your target and take the club back behind you with a controlled follow through. Remember to ensure that the club face stays square at all times during the backswing and downswing.

In order to get the best results with your golf swing sequence you must maintain your right rhythm at all times. When you are swinging your arms and hands you should lead with your left foot and your left arm following suit. During the downswing, your hands should go over your left shoulder and naturally your left shoulder will naturally rotate around your left hand and naturally so will your hands and arms. The right timing is essential to getting these right rotations. This is why many golfers do not get the results they want from their swings.

One of the main areas that many golfers struggle with in their golf swing sequence relates to their hips. The first thing you should do is get your hips into the swing correctly. Many golfers drag their hips too far into the backswing and this causes them to lose control and have an out-of-control club head speed. Remember, your hips act as engines in the golf swing sequence. Dragging your hips too far into the backswing will decrease your hip speed and will also slow you down. In order to correct this problem you should try to stay relaxed and make sure that you let your hips follow through the swing.

You should always think about your follow through as well when it comes to your golf swing sequence. Make sure that you don’t just swing once and then hit the ground. Make sure that you swing your club head as high up in the air as you can before stopping the shot. This will get your ball flying in a straight line. It will also help you to generate more club speed and get more distance on your shots. Try to do this as often as possible.

The first part of your golf swing sequence relates to your backswing and your downswing. The backswing is all about shifting your weight from the front foot into the center of your body. This will help you generate more club speed as well. This is when you want to hit for golfers. You can start by swinging your hips once again into the air and then stop the shot.

Sergio Garcia’s secret to golfing is to swing the club head as high in the air as you possibly can with your hips coming first. Do this as often as you can and you will see some serious results. To make it even better, Sergio uses two clubs: one for the upswing and the other for the downswing. He will practice his hitting with each of these two clubs until he is able to consistently use them both. This is the part of your golf swing sequence where you will be working on generating power, distance, and consistency.