How to Increase Clubhead Speed For More Distance in Golf Shots

How to Increase Clubhead Speed For More Distance in Golf Shots

You may have heard that increasing your golf swing speed is an easy way to add distance to your golf shots. This may have surprised you given the fact that most golfers do not see much improvement when they are trying to add more speed to their shots. To improve your increased club head velocity, there are a number of golf exercises you can perform to enable this to happen. In this article, will discuss what golf swing speed really is, why it’s important and what are the most effective drills to improve club head velocity so you can be on the way to hit further golf shots sooner than later. By the time you’ve finished reading this article you’ll be well on your way to learn how to add club speed to your golf shots.


The first thing to understand is that golf swing speed is defined as the speed with which you hit a ball with your lower body and your upper body working together. Your goal is to reach a maximum speed during your downswing where you transfer your weight from your lower body to your upper body and then back to your lower body again. Obviously this is a dynamic process and as golfers we need to understand that this happens in a split second. What you want to accomplish is to make sure you transfer your weight as quickly as possible between your legs and hips while maintaining your balance. This will help you generate higher speed and produce power with every swing.


So just what is the most effective way to train yourself for an increase in your golf swing speed? The first drill you can use is known as the launch monitor. It’s used by many professional golfers to help determine what their ideal launch angle is and to control it. The launch monitor begins with you standing upright (with your knees bent and hips slightly extended) and then as you turn to face the target begin to lower your body slowly until it almost touches the floor. You will notice your arms starting to stretch and your hips get tighter as your body lowers toward the ground.


Now while your body is getting ready to launch the club head to look at the top of your body. See if you have a good amount of flex in your elbows and hips. You want to continue to do this until you reach about waist height before starting the downswing. As you increase club head speed, your hips and hands will start to flex more and closer to your body, but remember to keep them in line with your target to maintain proper swing tempo.


In addition to using the launch monitor to train yourself for an increase golf swing speed, you can also use a golf ball with a heavier club grip. As you become used to swinging with a heavier club your golf driver distance will improve. Another training device to help you is a mirror. Place it a foot behind your golf ball so you are able to see yourself at the moment you hit the ball.


In order to hit longer and straighter golf shots, you need to have good backspin. This comes from the rotation of the shaft. If you rotate the shaft too much in any direction, you will end up with a lot of backspin. The opposite is true if you try to spin the shaft too little. Your ball will travel too far back in a fast swing and will lack distance. The easiest way to train yourself for an increase golf swing speed is to focus on the backspin you need to generate the power in your golf shots.