How To Increase Golf Swing Speed Like A Pro

The biggest difference between golfers who are well-placed in their golf game and those who are playing well, isn’t really talent but practice. If you’re frustrated with your swing speed, your most likely problem isn’t a weak or under-active arm, it’s technique and execution.

Overcoming sluggish or slow swing speed requires some work and time but it’s a very achievable goal if you pay attention to the key details. If you want to find out more about how to increase golf swing speed in your game, I’ve outlined 6 key aspects of your golf swing to focus on to help increase speed…

Forearm Swing Speed/Angle

The way your golf club strikes the ball plays a key role in determining your speed, but so do your hands. The clubhead must be positioned properly, and the hands must stay in a balanced position during the swing to create the best contact.

For most golfers, having a quick and accurate hit is more important than getting the club in the right position. To increase the speed of your golf swing, make sure your clubface is square to the target at address, and your hands are in a position to create the best possible clubface contact.

If you’re struggling to hit your long irons, try tilting the shaft to force a more upright posture, and create a consistent loft position. Remember the purpose of swinging your club is to create the best possible impact angle, not just to hit the ball as far as possible.

Wrist Tip Release

Golfers tend to think that it’s their upper body that controls the distance to the target and that they can’t get to the top of the ball without exerting themselves. If you think about the actions involved in your golf swing, they don’t require much energy.

Your arms, wrists and shoulders all contribute towards delivering the club through impact, but in a smooth and repeatable manner. To speed up your golf swing, focus on eliminating the time it takes for your wrists to move through the follow through.

If you feel you are relying on an extra second or two to release the clubhead through impact, then you’re likely swinging a little faster than necessary. To increase the speed of your golf swing, you need to create a quick and steady release of the hands through impact.

Arm Swing Speed

The average golf swing takes between 0.4-1.2 seconds, but don’t be discouraged if your swing is taking a few extra seconds to get into position, as that means you’re bringing the club through impact quickly and efficiently.

For many golfers, they are struggling to deliver the club to the ball in a fast enough fashion, and often resort to ‘sticking the club in the ground’, which takes even more time to put in position to deliver the shot.

To speed up your golf swing, focus on creating a smooth, repeatable process for producing a good, solid impact, without swinging the club too much. To get a quick ‘feel’ of how you can increase the speed of your golf swing, simply watch and study how the pros move their arms during the swing, and try to copy that part of their game.

Body Turn

A key component of any good golf swing is the body turn, which takes up to half a second to complete. A good golf swing also has to include good posture and proper movement of the trunk. If your shoulders are not rotating correctly through the golf swing, then you are leaving the club behind and adding unnecessary movement.

To speed up your golf swing, it’s important to do a simple warm-up routine to get into a comfortable and balanced position, then engage your core and rotate your torso to build the correct body turn in your golf swing. Remember, you don’t want to just let your clubhead fall on the ground.

Degrees of Drive

Golfers often focus on hitting the golf ball as far as possible. In fact, distance plays only a small part of the overall golf swing.

To increase the speed of your golf swing, don’t just focus on hitting the ball as far as possible, but to keep the clubface square to the target at impact.

To increase the speed of your golf swing, you need to create the best possible impact angle. If you are hitting a ball too far past the target, it’s easy to compensate by swinging harder. Doing so will take a little more effort from your muscles, so speed will increase but you’ll hit the ball less accurately.

Remember, your goal is to hit the golf ball straighter and squarer to the target throughout the entire golf swing, which requires getting your arms and hands into a position where they can create the best possible impact, and the best possible clubface through impact.

Speed of the Ball Off The Clubface

Another important factor in increasing your golf swing speed is the speed of the golf ball.

If you can hit the golf ball as quickly as you can hit a tee shot, then you will increase your swing speed, especially with the driver.

To increase your clubhead speed and decrease the time it takes to hit the ball off the clubface at impact, you need to have a good ball strike. This includes making contact with the ball with the clubhead square to the target at impact, and controlling your clubhead speed through the golf swing.

If you have trouble making solid contact with your club, then try laying on your back and hitting a golf ball out of the ground as you get ready to start your swing.