How to Keep the Golf Swing on Plane

Probably, you’ve heard this phrase at least once or twice while watching TV or reading about their swings in the golf course or even listening to others talk about their golf swings over the range. So what is golf swing path? Swing path is quite an important concept in the golf swing and the right swing path can be the difference between success and failure, literally. The golf swing is a combination of upper body movement, back swing, downswing, and in-between shots.

Let’s take a look at what happens if your golf swing path is not on the plane. If your ball flight is off the plane, your ball could go in different directions. For instance, it can veer left during your back swing or it could veer right. The ball could also curve away from your target during your downswing. In short, a slice is something that can happen when the golf swing path is not on the plane.

A positive mind set plays a huge role in helping a golfer to keep their golf swing on plane. With a positive mind set, a golfer will visualize the golf swing path in their minds as being straight, centered, and with a high plane. Then, the golfer will focus on maintaining that plane throughout the entire back swing, downswing, and through to the follow through. Visualization is key when it comes to keeping the golf swing on plane.

Another great way to keep the golf swing on plane is to maintain your lead arm straight. With your lead arm straight, your hips will also stay inline with your target. With an over the top swing, the hips will start to move towards the inside of your target. This can lead to slicing or hooking the ball.

A golfer that takes the time to watch other players at the golf course will pick up on certain motions that they don’t normally make. This is a very important aspect of the golf swing path. If a golfer is watching other players at the course, they will be able to see how they are swinging. If a golfer sees that others are swinging incorrectly, they can work on ways to fix the problem.

A final way to keep the golf swing on plane is to maintain your weight on the inner part of your foot throughout the swing. If you lift your heel during the backswing or push your toes during the downswing, the weight will shift to the inside of your target line. This can lead to slicing the ball or hooking it. In order to keep the golf ball on a plane, the weight must be on the inner side of the foot throughout the full swing.

If you follow all three of these golf swing tips and apply them to your game, it will help you play better golf. Remember, the golf swing is an essential part of your golf game. Without it, everything else will be worthless. Don’t just try to read about the golf swing and expect to be playing great golf. If you want to be on the top of your game, learn the golf swing tips and practice them as often as you can.

The golf swing path describes the angle and direction the ball will spin after impact. It also describes where the club face will strike the ball once it has reached the intended target. By following the correct golf swing path, you can make sure you get a straight and smooth shot that will land on the fairway’s short green.