How to Make a Golf Birthday Cake

The Golf Birthday Cake is probably one of the most popularly-bought birthday treats during the common summer months. In fact, it’s often considered a must have birthday treat for any member of the family. While a lot of golfers would just cringe at the very thought of having to eat a slice of sports cake during a birthday celebration, it can be a great way to celebrate a birthday with friends and family while still keeping your waistline completely dry. Here are some great ideas for different kinds of golf birthday cakes.

How to Make a Golf Birthday Cake


One great idea for a golf birthday cake is to use fondant icing for the cake. Fondant icing is simply made by mixing butter and sugar together and then applying it to a baked treat using a hot air balloon tip or a golf cart wheel. This recipe works best with white fondant, but can be used in case you don’t have that at hand. White fondant icing is quite smooth and thin, which means that it’ll go well with most pastries and baked goods. If you have a year old son who loves to play golf, you could even use the butter-and-white icing to create a golf cart theme on his birthday cake.


Another great idea for a golf birthday cake is to make your own frosted cake. For starters, all you need to make your own golf cake is a fondant icing which can be purchased at any baking store. Next, you will need a food processor or a blender, a variety of frosting flavors, as well as non-stick cooking spray. You can buy frosting in a variety of flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, and fruit flavors, as well as white chocolate and peanut butter. Simply choose your favorite frosting flavor and remember to apply it evenly as you frost your golf cake.


If you’re looking for a unique way to decorate your cake, try decorating it like a sand trap. To make this cake, you will need: two bowls, a sheet cake, about three to four cups of powdered sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla, and about a quarter cup of chocolate chips. These items can be found at a store which sells bakery items or at a grocery store. First, mix the chocolate chips and the sugar until smooth. Next, use the fork to scrape the chocolate chips from the bowl and put them in one of the bowls. Pour the melted chocolate chips over the layer of cake and spread it with the fork.


Once you have your ingredients ready, you will need to purchase a baking pan and buttercream icing. The baking pan should be large enough to hold about two to three cups of cake. If possible, the cake should be placed on a round cake stand so that it will be level. If not, line the baking pan with square cake pan so that the cake pan will be level and it will fit into the corners of the pan.


Next, assemble the cake and spread the icing over the entire top of the square cake. Take a baseball-shaped sponge and put it in the center of the cake. This sponge will act as a cushion for the cake so that it will be easier to fill the rest of the pan with the filling. Fill the rest of the square with the cake mixture, jelly mixture, or a combination of the two. After spreading the batter, turn the oven off and allow it to cool before removing the cake from the pan.


Using a mixing iron, turn the cake on its top and gently drop the toothpick into the center of the cake. Once the toothpick comes out, turn the oven off. Wait for the cake to cool before removing it from the pan. At this point, you will need to cut the sports cake into seven pieces; however, if you do not have a cake leveler, you may need to cut the entire cake into 12 equal pieces.


When cutting up the golf cake, you will want to use a disposable knife. This is especially true for the fondant icing that will likely be included with these cakes. Do not cut too much off the cake because you will be working with a large sheet cake. These birthday cakes are best served at room temperature but can be frozen or sent to a party store if desired. Fondant icing can be purchased at any grocery or cooking/deli store. You may also find it at the local supermarket or gift card warehouse.