How to Perform the Best Golf Stretches and Warm Up Exercises

One of the key ways to warm up prior to you even take your first swing is by performing golf stretches! Golf stretches are critical in order to do your best out on the golf course. If you desire to really make some big improvements, then read the full article on what you should know about golf stretches for maximum improvement! It’s no secret; it’s time to stop doing all those sit-ups and start working those muscles. You’ll be amazed at how much energy you can get from these simple stretches, as well as other simple exercises.

How to Perform the Best Golf Stretches and Warm Up Exercises


Everyone wants to improve their game, which is why there are so many people competing to find the best golf stretches. A lot of times, people do not perform the proper exercises and they do not get the results that they want. These exercises will help you tremendously if you just do them right. You can easily improve your game if you follow the tips provided in this article. If you follow these exercises correctly, you will notice that you can make a lot more distance with your drives.


The best golf stretches are those that target the muscles in the lower body. It is important to stretch the hip flexors (the ones that are next to your buttocks) and the gluteus medius (sometimes called the behind the back muscle) because these are the muscles that you use when you take your shot. It will take you a lot less effort to tee the ball if you stretch these muscles properly every time.


Another one of the best golf stretching exercises that you can do is to stand in the middle of a golf course and look around for targets that are behind you. Look as far up as you can without looking down. This is important because you should keep your eyes on the hole. Stand there until you feel your muscles get tired and then start your golf swing. Repeat this exercise a few times.


Next, grab a golf club and do a power motion from your toes to the top of your back foot. Make sure that you grab the club parallel to the ground. Next, extend your arms in front of you and bend your elbows at right angles. Finally, squeeze your buttocks in between your legs and bring your knees towards your chest. Do ten or twenty repetitions of this exercise.


Another of these golf stretches involves shaking your legs at the same time as you swing. Stand up and place both feet a distance apart. Then, with one leg in the air, bend your elbow and bring your opposite leg along.


Another great set of exercises will help you focus on your lower body during your workouts. These exercises will increase circulation and get the heart pumping to give you the energy you need when you are hitting the ball. If you are looking for ways to improve your game and lower scores, then these workouts are perfect for you.


Next, you can do golf stretches that allow you to stand on one leg and hold this position for 30 seconds. To do this, stand with one leg forward of the other, place your arm in the crook of your elbow, and extend it out on the golf course. Hold this position for thirty seconds and repeat a few times. Another great way to improve your swing and lower scores is to do workouts where you stand on one leg and alternately swing your arms back and forth like you would with a plank. By combining these exercises with proper golf lessons, you can work on your swing without worrying about any ugly injuries.