How to Pick the Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers

How to Pick the Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers

If you are a high handicapper then you probably have no idea what the best golf balls for high handicappers are. Well you’re in for some good news, because this article is going to go over a few ways that I know of that really improve the ball’s distance and forgiveness. Most high handicappers shoot poorly on their drives, and a lot of this has to do with them having weak wrists. However, by improving your wrist strength, you can significantly increase your drive distance and lower your scores.


For this reason, the best balls for high handicappers tend to be forgiving ones. The term forgiving simply means that the ball will travel where you tell it to. This is very important for a golfer because a lot of what causes your score to drop is not actually your swing. It is more about your ability to control your strokes. If you can teach yourself to keep your club from flying too far away and instead keep it close to the ground on your follow through then you will start to see an improvement in your overall game.


The best golf balls for high handicappers would be those by either the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball set or the Titleist DT golf balls. The Titleist DT sets are made from three different materials including steel, titanium, and graphite. While the titanium models tend to be a little more expensive, they are extremely durable and extremely reliable. They are also great for beginners, as they allow you to get up and down without losing the stability of your swing, which is a key component to landing solid shots.


On the other hand, the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball set is made from a core of titanium and a premium graphite core. The Titleist Pro V1 sets offer the best control, feel, and forgiveness of any other softball or golf ball. The harder side of the core works much better to reduce sidespin and will help you stop slicing before it even starts. This ball is best suited to high handicappers, as they tend to slice the ball while spraying the ball well. The softer side of the core will eliminate most of their problems.


It’s important to find golf balls that works best for you, because you want to be able to tell the ball apart from other similar balls. To help with this you should look at the grip, the shaft, the distance, the tip, and the core colors. Graphite and titanium tips are harder, and thus they will cause less slicing, but if you have fast swinging hands you will probably like the feel of these tips. The Titleist DT line has a very nice grip, and their range of graphite tips allows you to find the perfect combination of firmness and sensitivity to get the ball to where you need it most.


Golf balls that work well for high handicappers are harder but still have good softness, and feel. These balls include the Nike Pro V1, and the Callaway Dime. Each of these golf balls has its own special feature, which will help to make your swing more consistent. For instance, the Dime will allow you to control the distance more than a lot of the Titleist balls, but you can tell the difference between the dimples on the Nike due to the way they spin.


Other high handicapper options include the Titleist NXT, and Callaway Warbird Plus. The Titleist NXT is one of the best overall balls available, as it offers great forgiveness ball flight, and great control. The Callaway Warbird Plus is another great option, offering the best control and forgiveness of the Titleist balls. Both of these models have a nice sweet spot, but the Warbird Plus will allow you to use a little harder and cover a larger area. These balls offer incredible control and accuracy for anyone who plays at least a few games per week.


The best balls for golfers with limited swings are generally all solid, firm, and low powered. This is why the Titleist NXT and Nike Vokey are two of the best options, because they offer great firmness, while still giving good accuracy. However, if you are a high handicapper with limited swing speed, then you want a little flexibility in your game. You should look for a combination of firm, but not sticky golf balls, like the Callaways or Wilson Fielders. These types of golf balls also offer very good forgiveness, which will improve your overall swing.