How to Swing For Golf Balls Directly

It is very important to understand that the most accurate way to hit your golf ball is to use a “hitting stance” which is designed to place your weight and entire body into the shot in order to produce maximum power. In this article, I will show you exactly what your golf balls need to look like when hitting them. This will help you tremendously as you go out and play your next game.

How to Swing For Golf Balls Directly


When it comes to hitting your golf balls with power, you need to keep your club face square. When your club face is open, the ball is going to fly in a straight line. However, if your club face is closed, it will allow for more follow-through. You will want to have a closed club face for all of your golf shots. This will maximize your power, allow for proper follow through, and prevent you from hooking or slicing the ball.


If you swing your club too forcefully, you will end up lifting your club face too much. When your club face is lifted too much, the ball will fall out and you will be losing distance to the target. If you swing your club too lightly, you will end up losing control of the ball which can cause a lot of frustration while playing.


It’s important that you have good balance and movement throughout your golf swing. You don’t want to be in awkward positions when you are swinging your club. You should be in a balanced position at all times with your feet hips shoulder width apart and relaxed. Also, you want to keep your hands low and relaxed while looking down the ball and not in front of it.


The last part of your golf swing involves your backswing. This is where your clubface needs to open wide enough in order to generate the power needed to hit your golf balls right on target. Your backswing needs to be in harmony with your arms and your body in order to generate the power you need to drive your ball straight up the fairway.


There is no magic swing to driving golf balls straight up the middle of the fairway. It is simply a matter of developing the proper swing habits. If you can learn how to swing properly, you can become a better golfer. Remember that even though you may look great on the course, if you don’t play well, it doesn’t matter how well you look. Your game will always suffer if you swing badly.