How to Swing Golf Club – Start With These Tips

So you want to know how to swing a golf club properly? This article will hopefully provide some useful information regarding this subject matter. First, I should probably mention that one of the most important aspects of how to swing a golf club is maintaining good form. The best way to start improving your form is to use instruction, preferably from a good golf pro, however if this is not an option, you can easily do this yourself by watching the video I link to below. It is imperative that you always swing with a balanced golf body so that your backswing is on the plane the whole way through. You can watch the video again.

How to Swing Golf Club – Start With These Tips


Another important aspect of how to swing a golf club is aligning yourself to the target. Many golfers mistakenly focus on aligning to either or both left or right of the target when they should be trying to align themselves to the center. Alignment to the center is much more correct than aiming to hit the ball to the right or left. The new pga tour ball is also the biggest ball on the planet for a very realistic feeling and thus enables a maximum distance of 130 yards when on full swing.


The other most important thing you should know about how to swing a golf club correctly is that you need to stand with your feet shoulder width apart and have both hands on the club at full club grip size. From there, the rest of your body needs to be in proper position, parallel to the ground. From there, you simply follow any instructions the pro is going to give you. A good example would be how to grip the club.


You then take your stance and start your downswing. It’s important that you keep your head still and don’t move your head around too much. In order to learn how to swing a golf club properly, you must first understand how your backswing and downswing influence each other. When your club face is square to the line of impact with the ball, you’re well on your way. Once your club face is parallel to the ground, your downswing will be a bit easier. Your shoulders will now have to stay on the club face and swing smoothly.


As your arms get ready to swing through to impact, you’ll have more of a chance of keeping your balance, keeping the clubface square, and making solid contact. How to swing a golf club doesn’t end at this point, however. You must finish your swing by extending your backswing and finishing high on your body. The golf club should not jerk back at the last minute.


One more tip on how to swing a golf club is to keep your hands as high on the club as possible throughout your backswing and downswing. You’ll want your left arm to be higher than your right arm at the top of your backswing, so that you can naturally hit the ball harder. Also, keep your knees slightly bent as you swing. This will help you control your backswing and put your mind on staying square through impact. You’ll need to be in good physical condition to swing a club correctly, so practice as often as you can.