How to Swing Like Moes – A Single Plane Solution

The reclusive and mysterious genius, Moe Norman, is widely acknowledged as the greatest all-round ball striker in the history of professional golf. In his first three decades on the game he has racked up 5 British Open titles, more than any other golfer of that period. He also reached the semi finals of the US Open three times. But beyond those achievements there remains little mystery about the man – much less, the secret that has kept Moe from becoming the next Mr Universe.

Perhaps one of the most important keys to Moes swing is his ability to attack the ball with total confidence and belief in himself. As a result of this confidence he is capable of executing a golfing stroke which consists of hitting a couple of short range shots and then either swinging into the wind or diving in to the water. What makes his swing so extraordinary is the fact that he keeps his head still during the process. While other players would let their shoulders drop and the hips move with the swing, Moe Norman holds his head still and drives the ball to an optimum distance using only his shoulders and arms.

It is this method that has made the average golfer lose almost sixty yards off their golf drive every time they swing the club. It is this method that has allowed average golfers to become world class drifters, while scoring the same number of points as the professionals. The only way to perform in such a superior form is to emulate the exact technique of a player like Norman. To do this you must first understand how he does it.

The first key to Moes swing lies in his grip. Unlike most Canadian golfers, the average canadian golfer tends to hold the club in an open palm which makes their clubface open in a slightly over Extended position. This will result in your hands closing in on your golf ball more with each swing. A perfect and proper grip is one that allows for maximum leverage and that is why it is of utmost importance that every good canadian golfer learn and master the proper grip.

Second, Moes incorporates a very fast golf speed into his swing which will increase the force with which he hits the balls. Many people mistakenly believe that a good driver of balls must use a great deal of power. While true, force is important, but with the proper motion it is not necessary to use all of it. By slowing the motion down a bit, you can allow yourself to achieve more efficient hitting of the ball which, in turn, will result in hitting fewer solid shots with a greater frequency.

One of the most important keys to his swing is his ability to maintain a single plane swing. It has been said that if you have a good swing, all you need is a good plane. This means that in order to hit the balls in flight, you must have a swing that maintains a single plane throughout the swing. All Moes does is swing his club with a tempo that is faster than the average person. What this does is open up a larger area in between his clubhead and the ball for a bigger splash. This helps him to achieve a better follow through on his shots which will also, in turn, help him hit the balls in flight.

Something else that Moes adds to his game is a good weight shift. A lot of people don’t realize that weight shift plays such an important role in hitting a golf ball. A heavy hitter naturally aims to hit the ball with the shoulder facing in and this will naturally lead to a higher strike rate. By shifting the weight to the left or right (as per your own preference) you will be able to achieve something new and something very useful. You will be able to hit harder with a better follow through. There are even some experts who say that by shifting to the right, you will find it easier to hit the ball harder because your body will be aligned properly with the ball.

There are a lot of benefits of taking lessons from Moes. However, before you can start to play like him, you need to understand that you need to have the right mental attitude. If you lack confidence, it will be hard for you to perform like him because you won’t be feeling any joy for your efforts. There is no other way to explain it other than this: you need to possess a certain “confidence factor” in order to be able to do what Moes does. If you lack this, however, then it’s going to be very hard for you to accomplish anything. So for this you need to invest in getting the proper golf instruction from someone who is already a great player and has achieved the things that he has attained.