How to Throw a Golf Themed Party: 7 Ideas to Get You Started

Golf-themed party games, party food, and decorations are a hit at almost any party? This theme is especially popular at holiday events when the golfer is out of town.

When planning your next party, do not forget to add this popular theme.

Your guests will enjoy playing all sorts of golf games at the party, such as billiards, beer pong, air hockey, seven-card studded poker or even a special game called “chase.” There are also lots of party games ideas for children, such as pass the parcel, hide, and seek, and musical chairs.


Decorating for your party theme should reflect the type of party you are having.

The decorating should be in the golfer’s favorite colors, such as green, white, gray, or red. If your party is outdoors, then use outdoor themed paper supplies and fabrics. In addition to using party supplies in the decorations, use party theme music in the background.

Use party games that fit into the golf party theme.

These party games will provide plenty of entertainment. For example, you can set up a golf tournament with pinning the birdie on the end of each hole. There are party games that involve chipping or putting the ball through the basket. There are also party games that have teams competing to shoot the other team out of the water (guess which team is going to hit the ball first all day long).

After you buy all the party supplies, you need to decide what food to serve.

A buffet would be nice, but the food can get messy if everyone is trying to eat it. Serve finger foods so no one gets too hungry. The food can be served in clay dishes, or plastic fruit and veggie cups. It is easy to make a homemade party food menu, just put some food in a bowl and mix together.

One of the best ways to advertise your how to golf themed party is to make a party invitation.

Use a simple printable party invitation and follow it up with an ad that includes information about your party. This will let your guests find out about it before they come. If you are using a printing service, consider adding a personalized party invite.

After you purchase all the party supplies, you may want to make a few extra party favors.

This is an easy way to thank your guests for coming and sharing in your special day. You can make a collage of pictures from the day, or even use a DVD of the day. Wrap the DVD in a pretty cloth and give it as a party favor. Another idea for party favors is to include items that are related to the theme of the party.

If you need more ideas on how to party, do a search online for “golf themed party supplies.” You will find a plethora of web sites that will help you plan your party. You can also go to a party supply store in your area and see what they have available.

When you are hosting a how to golf party, remember to put the fun first. Be sure to have lots of beverages on hand, but do not try to crowd the room. It will look like you are trying to take forever to play the game. When your party is over, have a party. Happy party planning!

Golf themed party can be great fun for the entire family. The golfer in your party will enjoy reliving his favorite past times. He will feel at home as he plays at his own golf course.

With all the party supplies on hand, you will want to focus on food that can be shared and enjoyed. Go with the traditional chicken salad and coleslaw. You can also get creative with her oeuvres, baked potato or cornbread. Try different types of cheese and crackers.

Your guests will really enjoy coming to your how to golf themed party. The party will run much more smoothly if you plan ahead. You will want to have everything set up by the time you are due to leave for the party. You can even throw in a round of golf on the day of the party to keep the party going long after the golf party is over.