Improve Your Ben Hogan Golf Swing

Ben Hogan is a golfer who ranks within the top twenty of all time. He has won the US Open twice and the British Open once. He has been named the PGA Tour’s player of the year five times. Hogan has made an enormous name for himself playing golf on the world’s great links. His overall career earnings are nearly two hundred million dollars. This is a man who truly knows his game!



To analyze the golf swing of Ben Hogan, we have to take into account some of his early experiences in the game. Golf was essentially his life for many years. As a young man he lived and played in a number of small golfing towns all over the United States. He never really fit the golf stereotype of a big strong golfer, in fact he was once fined for taking too many golf lessons without even getting any results.


In fact, it was not until Ben Hogan began playing golf at a very young age that he began to get any kind of success with the sport. It was at this point that his true ability started to shine through. Hogan’s best years in the sport came during the decade of the 1970s. He became one of the most famous players of the decade and at the time of his retirement he was one of the highest-paid players of the game. If you ever wanted to get into golf, there are few better choices than Ben Hogan.


If you want to study the swing of one of the greatest players of our time, you cannot do so alone. You have to use the help of golf instruction and video analysis. Video analysis is a highly advanced form of analysis that can provide you with amazing insight into the golf swing. This form of analysis has been available to professional golfers for a long time but has now been adopted by serious amateurs. Now you can have the benefit of seeing exactly what your swing looks like from every angle.


One of the major advantages of using video analysis programs is that they will show you the position of each of your club head, your shoulders and knees, and how you actually hit the ball. There will be no guesswork involved because every part of your swing is being filmed. If you know a certain part of your swing is lagging behind, then you can easily see this by watching your video analysis. You will then know where you need to improve.


Once you have the perfect video analyzing program, you will be able to practice your swing without having to worry about anything else. This means that you can spend the whole day perfecting your game. The software will let you see what you are doing wrong and let you correct it immediately. You will be able to see the golf swing on video thousands of times over and by applying the information you just learned, you will be able to improve your game.


You should not need to pay for a professional golf analysis program to watch a video of your golf swing. If you are good enough at computing, then you can probably do it yourself. Of course, you can also get a friend who does not play golf to help you. These two methods will give you some of the best help available.


Once you are using the video-analysis programs to perfect your game, you will notice a big difference. It will seem so easy once you watch yourself on film. Even Ben Hogan would be proud of himself. These video analysis programs are an essential tool for anyone serious about their game. So get one and start improving immediately!