Improve Your Golf Game by Adding Exercise to Your Golf Workout Routine

Improve Your Golf Game by Adding Exercise to Your Golf Workout Routine

The GOLFFOREVER fitness program takes this one step further with a strong library of easy and effective exercises for golfers to perform anywhere they’re at. This month, we’re looking forward to sharing a brand new, full-body golf exercise you can perform in any room at all which combines several of your favorite golf exercises in a single 30-minute workout. This one exercise will keep your swing on target and your game improving.


The golf exercises you need to focus on for this workout are ones that train multiple muscles at once and allow you to hit the ball with more power, and with less effort, than normal. The best approach is to break your golf exercises down into a few key components, each of which is designed to target a specific muscle group. We’ll take a look at some of these key components here.


One of the first sets of golf exercises you need to focus on is the bench press, and the dumbbells used in this exercise are the standard barbells used in all fitness workouts. You want to do a few sets with the standard weights, doing sets of eight to twelve repetitions. The first set should be held for three seconds and then performed ten times, for a total of sixty seconds. Do the same number of reps with the dumbbells for the second set, and then do the same for the third. You can add some weights by resting in between the repetitions for each set. You should notice that by combining the dumbbells with other golf exercises, like swings, you are training your body to better stabilize the wrists and elbow during your swing.


Another one of the key components of this routine is to train your muscles to work together as a single unit. This is similar to what happens when you train your body to do one repetition at a time. In your golf exercises, you want to have all of the muscles working together, from your torso, legs, back, and then your arms, hands, and fingers. If you hold the weight of the dumbbells in your hands, you will begin to develop core strength, something that will improve your golf game. Core strength will also improve your balance and decrease the chances of injuries.


The last part of this series will focus on improving your golf swing and overall golf game. Most golf exercises will require you to bend at the waist, move your shoulders back and forth, and then return to a forward position. These motions will not only strengthen your body, but will also help you improve your flexibility. As you continue to perform these golf exercises, your body will become more limber, and you will develop the necessary torque that is required for a good golf swing. Finally, you will discover that you have improved control over your golf game and will hit straighter and farther golf balls.


While these golf exercises may seem rather simplistic, they are an essential part of any golfer’s fitness routine. The first step in creating an effective golf workout is to find exercises that you enjoy, and which will help you to develop your own personal strength, flexibility, and balance. Then, as you practice, you must make sure that you are always performing the exercises properly, to get the most benefit out of them. After a few weeks of consistent practice, you will be surprised at how much improvement you see in your golf game.