Improve Your Golf Swing Easy With the PGA Partner’s Club

Is it possible to make a golf swing easy for everyone? Most golfers would love to know if there was a way to swing a club so easily that they could just pick up the club and hit a nice fat golf ball right out of the sand hole. Unfortunately, the reality is that no one can swing a golf club that easily. However, with some practice and determination, it is very doable.

The key to getting the perfect golf swing is to feel motion. This means that golfers should feel as though they are moving their body while swinging the club. To help you gain motion control, many golfers use a device known as a Positron Emulator. A Positron Emulator uses a tiny bit of electronic charge to simulate the motion of the human hand which allows the golfer to feel the proper golf swing positions.

One of the best known Positron Emulators is Palmer’s Positron Swing Therapy. Arnold Palmer created this device to help golfers achieve motion control during their swing. It is called the Positron Emulator because it is worn on the golfer’s head. The Positron is programmed with information from the swing techniques of the professional golfers who wear it. Palmer’s invention has been approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Many professional golfers have enjoyed success using the Positron. Before you try using the Emulator, however, it is a good idea for you to familiarize yourself with how the hands move while a golf swing is taking place. For example, you will need to know how a normal golf swing feels like to you. Practice makes perfect. With enough practice, you can get comfortable swinging on the Positron and then once you feel motion in your muscles, you can begin to practice swinging away on the Positron.

A new and innovative version of the Emulator called the Micrometer is now available. The Micrometer is a hand-held device that allows golfers to use the Positron without ever taking it off their head. The device is similar to a gyroscope in that it uses a radio signal to measure the distance and rotational speed of the golfer’s swing. The data is then fed into the computer which uses the information to program the golfer’s body movements into the computer.

The results are stunning. Many golfers say that they have experienced almost instant improvement in their golf swing after using the Micrometer. They are able to generate more power, generate better lift and have a longer backswing. Some of these golfers even went from a poor to a perfect golf swing. There are even golfers who say that they are having more fun with their golf games than they have in years.

The Emulator taps into the golfer’s own natural ability to create the perfect golf swing motion. It takes the natural motion of the golfer and translates it into computer code. The program then corrects the flaws by altering the golfer’s shoulder turn, grip, head placement and stance. When the correct golf swing plane is achieved, the golf swing motion is the exact opposite of what happened in the past.

The great thing about this technology is that golfers do not have to purchase the device. They can simply download it onto their computer and play it on their Mac or PC. I have personally been using the Emulator with my golfing buddies club friends for over two weeks now. I am glad that I did as I was able to get some valuable feedback from them during our first few games with it.