Inside Out Golf Swing – How to Achieve the Inside Out Golf Swing

An inside out golf swing would be when the club’s swing path actually moves away from the inside of the target line to the opposite side of your intended target line. It s similar to swinging out to right following impact rather than bringing your swing back in to the same side (inside). The key here is that you swing the club in a circular motion around the ball instead of hitting a single blow. With this kind of swing, the golf ball should be hit with more power and more distance.

There are several drills you can do to help with this. In each drill you want to start on one foot but as you swing around the golf ball you want to switch to another foot. This will help you create some balance so your weight is distributed more evenly for maximum results.

In the drill below you will start on your front foot but as you swing around the golf ball, switch to your back foot. You will begin by swinging back towards the target while keeping your club squarely square at the top of the swing. You will need to hit the golf ball straight and with a lot of power. Hitting the ball too low or too high can lead to an awkward follow through that will not be accurate.

With a little practice, you will begin to feel your muscles becoming more balanced as you swing through the ball. Then as you move up the backswing, you can move on to hitting the top of the swing with your front elbow turned a bit to the right-handed golfer’s left. As you come down the inside, your left elbow will turn a bit to the right. This is a great way for the average golfer to keep their inside elbow from turning too far to the left-which can lead to a nasty slice or hook.

Your left forearm must make sure you finish your swing on plane by pointing straight ahead. It does not matter what direction your flagstick points. It only matters that it points straight ahead. When you are learning how to swing inside out in golf, you must make sure that you use your right foot to push you along your line of flight.

If you are using your left foot too much, this is a common cause for slicing or hooking the ball. A lot of slow motion drills exist for the inside swinger that will help you develop speed and get your club face on the correct swing path. The slow motion drills focus on making sure your body stays in constant motion all through the swing process. It will help you develop a consistent motion that is necessary to keep the inside out golf swing path from changing and leading to an unfavorable result.

You should watch professional golfers to see what they are doing to get their drives on plane. Watch how they position themselves on the green. What is it that they are doing to set up to hit the ball perfectly? Some of the best golfers in the world use the inside strategy to get their drives on plane. They do it by using all of their muscles to swing smoothly. A golfer who can achieve this is someone who knows how to swing inside out.

You should know that it’s not the clubface that causes you to hit the ball straight or out of the rough. It is the motion that causes your club face to bend to the inside. To change this motion, all you have to do is change your angle. Most right-handed golfers tend to swing the club face to the right-sided inside when they reach the top of their backswing. But a left-handed golfer can swing his or her clubface to the left-sided inside when he or she gets close to the top of the backswing.