Is Golf Clubs the Same Length?

Is Golf Clubs the Same Length As Your Shoes? The ONLY Lengthwise Comparison of a Golf Club is actually measured by the thickness of your shoes! There is an obvious discrepancy between golf shoe thicknesses and golf club lengths. The heels of golf clubs are made of lighter material than those of most other shoes, while the shoes themselves are generally much heavier. This can mean several things…

One – You are more apt to use your irons on the longer holes because you do not have as many trees to break the balls. Two – Shorter clubs require a lengthier shaft because your swing mechanics are more complex. Most players will use their length of clubs as a way to “feel” where they are on the green. The one exception to this is that many players with large hands find that the sweet spot of their shots is not where they want it to be on shorter clubs (the shaft length is too long in relation to their hands).

Golf Club Length – shaft length is the only measurement that can be guaranteed from standing in the course. No other measuring device exists that will allow you to measure the club length from that exact spot. This is why shaft lengths are never changed when fitting in new golf clubs. You simply can’t add a tape measure to your club head or take a club off the shelf.

Most Golf Shafts and irons are the same length, except for steel shafts. The length of the shafts varies by brand. Ask at your pro shop which club length is most comfortable for you to swing with. You may need to try several irons or clubs before you find the best fit.

The grip of your club is important because you use your whole arm, hands and forearms during your swing. Your grip should allow you to have maximum control over the club at all times. Many experienced players prefer to use a full-arm length grip on their golf clubs. Other players feel that they can get better results if the club is slightly less length when they are swinging.

To further analyze the question of our golf clubs the same length, I like to take a few swings with each club. I always take the same shot, change up the grip and then take another swing with each new club. If the club is too short when I swing it causes me to compensate by swinging harder and this makes me lose my valuable swing arc. On the other hand, a slightly longer club can help me to create more backspin and this helps to increase my ball flight.

The last factor is club speed. Some irons are faster than others, so if you’re trying to find the shortest club you will want to select a club that is faster. The faster clubs will also help you to accelerate through the ball more quickly and will give you more energy in your swing. If you have a lot of speed, you can cover more distance with your clubs and will probably be able to hit longer drives.

It might be difficult to determine the correct length golf clubs. When you are trying to determine the length, you should focus on your dominant hand. Usually the right-handers have shorter hands so it would make sense that they would have shorter clubs. Another consideration is your posture. Keep your knees bent and keep your feet on the ground. When you do these things, you should be able to determine the correct length.