Lacoste – The Brand That Knows It All

According to the2019 World Golf Report, golf apparel accounts for about 40 percent of all retail sales within the sport and reached $5 billion by the end of 2021. Not bad at all. Just like everything golf, it is very much possible to get great deals on golf apparel and you can do a lot of shopping online if you want the best discounts.

The most common golf apparels include hats, t-shirts, shorts, shoes, training wear, golf bags and clubs, polos, jackets, gloves, and more. Players also strategize and choose outfits every day depending on certain factors such as temperature, weather, mood, style trends, and even lucky charms like special days of the year (i.e., Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries).

For these reasons and many more, it is important that golfers have the proper golf apparel for themselves, as well as those who will support them during their games.


First and foremost, one must understand the very basic golf apparel. It includes shirts, trousers, jackets, shorts, tees, and capes. Each category has its own main selling points, i.e., functions, style, materials, quality, etc. Although brands with recognizable names are often thought to possess quality products, this is not always the case. Brand loyalty and trust are very important and a company with a long and proven history in the industry usually commands the respect of golf buyers.


In golf apparel, one should look out for cutting-edge fabrics that help in keeping the player cool during hot summer days and warm during winter months. As golfing is mainly an outdoor game, one needs clothing that can bear the rigors of nature, especially when it comes to wind, rain, dew, or snow.

The right golf apparel material is essential as it provides UV protection, water resistance, comfort, and many other qualities. It should also be durable, lightweight, and light-weight to enable the wearer to move freely and move his arms freely without any discomfort. These things can all be found in most fashionable and cutting-edge fabrics that are designed specifically for golfing.


One must also look out for fabrics that make the wearer feel comfortable. This may include fine leathers and high-quality golf apparel with great appearance. The history of Lacoste can give golf enthusiasts a quick history lesson on the origin of such high-quality golf apparel. Lacoste was founded in Argentina in 1820.

The name of Lacoste originates from the Quechua language. The name became synonymous with high-quality golf wear in the region and Lacoste is still recognized in popular parlance with its stitched jackets, shirts, and pants.


One can see a wide variety of designs in the Lacoste catalogs. The designs in golf-wear range from the conventional embroidered golf apparel to those with exotic designs and embellishments. In recent years, Lacoste has been able to expand its fashion designs in all areas, not just apparel. There are a few exclusive collections that focus on golf wear only. Lacoste also offers a wide range of accessories like shoes and bags that can be further customized with different designs.


Other golf apparel that a golfer might also require are golf shoes that are comfortable, durable, supportive, and easy to walk in. A person can get really good value for money by buying Lacoste golf shoes as they are available at many reputed sports and golf stores at a price that will not burn a hole in one’s pocket. For more information on all the latest Lacoste Golf apparels, accessories, shoes, etc, visit online stores that deal only in such branded stuffs.