Men’s Golf Outfit Ideas For Summer

It’s that time of year again when you have to go out and buy your golf equipment. If it is your first time to buy clubs or golf attire, you may be a little overwhelmed with the amount of choices available to you. Do you go for a basic golf package, or do you upgrade? Should you shop online or at your local golf store? Let’s take a look at the golf apparel options for both men and women and what each one offers you.

The most popular golf package for men usually includes a tee shirt, hat, polo shirt, golf shoes and a golf bag. You may be tempted to get a gift card to the local golf course or get a nice bottle of Cologne, but those things aren’t very practical. What if you are going on an extended golfing trip and you don’t want to carry your golf clubs with you? A good alternative is a nice pair of khaki pants and a solid shirt. The golf outfit here is more about comfort and ease-of-use than about style, but it’s still nice to get a gift card or a great smelling Cologne.

For those on a budget, it can be tempting to just buy an outfit and head out to a golf course, but think about what you will be doing. Sure, you could just as easily buy a nice new set of golf clubs and head out, but most people don’t. Most people who play golf go out to hit some golf balls. So in that case, you would probably get a polo shirt and a light jacket instead of a golf package. And for women, a good choice would be a nice tank top and shorts instead of a golf package.

Now, let’s talk about how you might get a great deal on your golf package. You should definitely check with your local golf course to see if they have any special deals running at any time. If they don’t, there are always the Internet and of course, there are plenty of stores that sell golf gear.

When you go shopping for your outfit, get a few different kinds. Your first decision will probably be whether you want a polo shirt or a regular one. Regular tees cost less and they tend to be comfortable enough for any type of weather. It might sound a little silly, but polo shirts go with just about anything, even when you are wearing an outfit that doesn’t include golf clubs.

You will also need a pair of golf shoes. It’s best to go with shoes that have some sort of golfing logo on them. You can find shoes that say either sponsor your favorite college or pro team, or even go with the logo of your golf club. Whatever you choose, just make sure that they have some sort of golfing logo on them. The golf shirt and polo shirt are pretty much standard attire these days, and you’ll find other things like hats and golf bags pretty much anywhere.

If you really want to set yourself apart from everyone else, by an all-white golf shirt with a polo necktie. This look is always in style, and it also tends to make you look very sporty. It’s also a little bit more difficult to pull off, which is why many guys will also dress up their look a bit by adding a suit or tuxedo. Just be sure to go with the right trousers and shoes to complete your outfit.

While not the most popular, some people do still choose to wear golf outfits to the golf course during the summer. It’s important to remember that it still gets hot out there, even on a golf course. Don’t be surprised if you are sweating a little while you are trying to hit a few balls! A great golf outfit will help keep you cool and dry, but if you plan on playing any tournaments or outdoor activities in the coming months, bring some golf towel and you’ll be ready to enjoy the heat.