More Distance and Accuracy With Golf Driving Tips

Are you not satisfied with your performance from the tee box? Or are you playing more consistently but not as far as you think you should be? Are you looking for more distance and accuracy while on the course? Well, it’s possible to increase your yardage off the tee with the right set of drills and drills you can take with you to the course.

Defend the Tee

Your takeaway is that you’re able to hit a ball farther from the tee than the ball is going away from you. This means that the farther you hit the ball, the more chances you have to hit the green. So when you’re on the golf course, defend the tee.

Maintain Upper and Lower

Body In addition to positioning yourself with the ball over your drive, keep your upper body and lower body aligned to get the most distance off the tee. If you find yourself turning too early or too late, make sure to get your left arm and left leg moving quickly together to create a good muscle memory for the drill.

Shoulder Width

You can measure your ability to control the tee by how much you can expand your shoulder width. You should keep your shoulders squared as you tee off. This will increase your launch angle and more distance from the tee.

Concentrate on the Left Foot

You can also measure your ability to hit the ball from the left foot by how much you open your left hand and angle your body to face the left foot. Make sure that you open your left hand and left leg while on the drive to further maximize your launch angle and increase distance off the tee.