New Clubhouses and Condos Coming to the City Park Golf Course

The City Park Golf Course is located within the City Park neighborhood of New Orleans. The area was originally developed as an oasis for birds and wildlife. Today the City Park Golf Course offers a variety of entertaining experiences, from relaxing strolls through nature to playing some of the finest golf in the area. The City Park Golf Course has been open to the public since 1958.

The City Park Golf Course consists of two eighteen-hole clubs set within the City Park neighborhood of New Orleans. The two courses called the South Course and the North Course also contain a driving range, some additional short-game room and a two-house guesthouse. In addition to being one of the most scenic golf courses in the area, the city park golf course is considered to be a regional leader in the development of natural landscape and community recreational resources. The addition of the new clubhouse and ancillary facilities such as the naturalized ponds, the golf shops and restaurants completes a club that is improving each year.

Currently the new clubhouse will feature a state-of-the art driving range, pest control, a putting green and a sand trap. The new shop will offer a total of thirteen different golf products including clubs, tees, clothing and shoes. The city park golf course has seen an increase in membership over the past three years and the new clubhouse will serve to expand the course’s operations even more. Other new golf facilities that are slated to be added to the club’s portfolio include:

o The second building to add to the city park golf course’s offerings is a one hundred and fifty-one-seat pavilion with a game room. The club’s future pavilion plans will provide additional seating for up to two hundred guests. o The club’s third building will feature a state of the art banquet facility and an elegant bar. The banquet facility will also feature a complete kitchen with complete amenities for a gourmet restaurant that will compliment the city park’s cuisine.

o A driving range is scheduled to be added to both the ladies and men’s golf facilities. Both currently exist, but plans are in the works to add a nine-hole playing range that will provide many opportunities for practice and games with other players. o Another wonderful amenity is the addition of a putting green house. These green houses will allow golfers to stay warm during their rounds and practice their strokes on easy open turf. o The third building that is expected to be added is a premium dining facility that will provide dining opportunities for golfers while they are on the driving range or on their way to a hole in the city park.

o New dishes will be served at the club house. This will be a great amenity for a city park golf course that is trying to attract new players. o The new premium dining facility will feature an outdoor pool. This will be a great amenity for families as they can enjoy a swim during the heat of the day or just relax and cool off after a round of golf.

o Another amenity being added to the ladies and men’s golf facilities is a nine-hole ladies and men’s championship golf course. This complex will serve as the new women’s golf program’s home course. The clubhouse will also serve as a practice center for the ladies’ teams. o The denver golf courses will now have a full-service premium dining facility.

Adding two more buildings to the existing clubs in the city park will surely improve the quality of play and increase the number of people playing. Amenities such as an upgraded clubhouse, a new driving range and an improved teeing ground will help the clubs stay competitive. The addition of a new clubhouse and four courses will surely provide many residents with the chance to improve their game while relaxing at the same time.