One Plane Golf Swing – How To Gain More Distance

If you are trying to improve your game one of the most important things that you can do is work on developing your one plane golf swing. This type of swing is a little different from other types and this is why it is so helpful for beginners and those that may not be familiar with the game. This swing has a one plane swing path which is what makes it different and allows you to hit the ball with more of a fade or lift. This helps the ball travel further with less effort on your part which is very important when trying to make long distance shots. Here are some tips that will help you learn more about this golf swing.

The one plane golf swing begins from the position number one, which is the left arm position. Keep your left arm at a 90 degree angle to your body at all times. This will ensure that your clubface stays open at all times when you are swinging the club.

The next thing that you should keep in your one plane golf swing is that your shoulders should be relaxed. You must relax in order to allow your shoulders to open fully before you begin the downswing. When you are swinging the club your arms and shoulders will work against each other because the arms try to pull the club back while the shoulder tries to keep it straight. Once you have begun your downswing you want to finish it by opening your hips and making sure they are rolling naturally from the hips. This will allow your arms to slide properly through the shot.

The next part of the one plane golf swing involves the transition from the one plane swing to the two plane swing. This part of the swing is where the most problems occur for many golfers. Many golfers tend to try to do both swings at the same time, and this causes the club to do a lot of work on the inside of the ball. If you are able to make the transition smoothly from one plane to the other then you are going to have less work on the inside of the ball. Another thing that can happen is that the hands may start to get separated during the swing. If this occurs you need to make sure that your hands are still together during the backswing and also throughout the downswing.

Another part of the one plane golf swing involves keeping your eye on the ball at all times. Some golfers tend to look at the white lines on the club or the score card in order to concentrate on the ball. Other players feel that their eyes are constantly moving in and out of the ball. If you are one of these players then you are going to want to find another game to play. The best way to concentrate on the ball is to focus on it with your entire focus. Try to keep your eyes directly over the ball at all times.

When it comes to the backswing the one plane golf swing requires that you allow the left arm to naturally extend and come down before the right arm. This will allow the right side to be stronger as well. Many golfers tend to relax their arms at the end of the backswing and this relaxes the shoulder muscles. If you allow the shoulder muscles to relax too much then you will have a problem with your swing. You should be able to just use the power of your arms to get the ball into the hole.

Something that many people also tend to do is to bring the club up to the top of their backswing before starting the downswing. This will cause you to use more muscles in your body than you should be. Instead of doing what is known as an inside-out swing, which is a highly effective swing movement, you want to do what is called an outside-in swing. You want to start out the downswing by using the one plane golf swing and then move the club back in to the inside.

Another thing to watch is how your hips are starting to move as you turn the backswing. As I stated before, you want to do a very deep inside to outside move and if your hips start to rotate incorrectly then you won’t be able to achieve this extremely deep inside to outside turn. Your hips must turn correctly and must remain in line with the club throughout the entire backswing. To gain better results when it comes to getting the ball into the hole using the one plane golf swing, be sure to practice and always keep your head up and your eyes on the golf ball.