Perfect Your Swing With These Simple Golf Swing Exercises

This golf swing exercise is aimed for improving your backswing. It is done by rotating the arms in a circular motion. You can perform the exercise while standing in a normal position or lying down. Hold a golf club straight between your hands at each end as indicated. Let the club rotate and then relax the muscles.

Perfect Your Swing With These Simple Golf Swing Exercises


Next, pull the club back as far as you can, making sure that the shaft lies parallel with the ground. Stop once it touches the ground. Do not lift the club up or even move it any higher. Instead, let the club return to its original position between your arms. This golf swing exercise helps to develop the speed in your golf swing and to strengthen your back.


You can add this golf swing exercise to your normal backswing to train your body to keep your backswing consistent. Stand with one foot forward of the other, arm straight and with your palms facing behind your golf club. Then, swing your arms back in a smooth but powerful arc as your hips move backward to make room for your backswing. Stop your swing when you reach the top of your swing.


Holding a medicine ball between your legs while you are swinging your arms in your full backswing can help to build your power. Get the ball between your legs and stand sideways, hips slightly bent and feet about a hand’s distance apart from each other. Turn your torso and face the ball so that your eyes follow the ball and you are looking through its entirety. Begin your backswing by pulling your arms back.


To complete your backswing, you must bring your club back to contact the ball with a full rotation. For this golf swing exercise, your left shoulder and right hip should turn as you bring your club back. Keep your shoulders, hips and right foot in constant motion with your shoulders remaining relatively still. As you turn your torso, you should rotate your left knee towards your left shoulder towards your right hip. Stop your rotation at the top of your backswing.


Golfers can use these exercises to train their swing in many different ways. While many golfers spend a lot of time perfecting their technique on the course, these exercises will help them improve their swings with less effort. They can also be used in place of clubs to develop strength without the added expense of buying a new set of clubs. Most irons have many irons workouts built into the design so that no golfer will need to buy an expensive set of clubs.