Prairie View Golf Club

Prairie View Golf Club is a private, eighteen hole golf course originally located in Waynesfield, Ohio. It is now operated by the Neidley Insurance Company. The club was built by Tom Neidley, who bought the club from his brother Sam. Tom had worked as an insurance agent and knew the course as a scenic fairways. In fact, he even moved his family and home to play there.

As you would expect, each hole on the prairie view golf course has its own unique design and challenges. Holes one through fourteen are situated entirely in the prairie. Holes fifteen through twenty-one consist of slopes that provide challenges for all skill levels. Of course, the most challenging holes on this course are those located between twenty-one and twenty-eight.

This prairie view golf club offers players the opportunity to enjoy playing eighteen holes of beautiful wooded courses. The club’s layout is primarily divided into three different Par 5 courses. These courses are called the Park Course, the Middle Course and the Back nine. The par five courses include the chipping, pitching and chipping greens. Players of all skill levels can enjoy the challenges offered on these courses.

The park course is designed by famed architect Arthur Hills. The course layout includes rolling fairways, connected by water hazards and challenging putts. The holes in this course include the par three, par four and the par five. The difficulty of this course increases with each hole as well as the distance from the tee shot. At the end of the eighteen-hole course, the golfer will be treated to an impressive view of the Omaha area. Just wait until you get that first shot off of one of those long, straight fairways to appreciate just how big of a difference it makes.

The club’s Midway place is one that offers players the chance to view some spectacular views. Located on the west side of the park, the course offers players a great view of both the city and the great Nebraska sky. With its fabulous layout, this course is popular among players. In addition to the amazing views, this course also offers a wide range of amenities for an enjoyable round. Players can take a break with their partners or go for a quiet round with their friends.

The free online courses show that hours ago, a famous golfer was in the area. Apparently, he was enjoying his stay at the Dakota Resort and he must have taken a few shots while viewing the city from his new home on the prairie. Since then, many other golfers have made reservations, including some professional names, and you can find out more about the prairie view golf club from the links below.