Pre Golf Stretches to Help Your Game

Pre Golf Stretches to Help Your Game

Pre golf stretches should be done before you hit the ball. The average golfer does not stretch at all before hitting the ball and will generally use it as an afterthought. The best way to stretch your muscles before you play is to actually go down and do a stretch or two on the spot. It really makes sense to hit the golf stretches while you are teeing up, but it is not necessary for you to start moving. The same goes for any other type of golf swing technique.


You can work on the golf stretches any time you want. You might find that after a grueling game you just need to relax and stretch. Even when you are walking around in the neighborhood or sitting at home watching TV you can stretch. As long as you are not overworking the muscles, you can go for a short jog or even a nice walk on the beach. If you have a treadmill or an exercise bike at home you can use those for a little more golf stretching too.


There is no way you are getting ready to play a perfect game without stretching at least a little. Many golfers think of stretching as being in the pool or at the beach, but there is no need for that. Stretching is a big part of any sport and it will help you perform at your best. It is a vital part of golf. Just like in any other sport, if you do not stretch before you play, you will find yourself out of commission.


Your arms and shoulders are two areas that usually take the most stress during any type of golf you play in. You can get them to stretch by doing the golf stretches. This will help your strength and flexibility. Most clubs have an equipment department devoted to stretching so you should not have any problems finding one.


The pre golf stretches are very important and they have a lot to do with your game. If you want to hit the ball farther and hit it straighter, these are the things you will want to focus on. The first stretch involves flexing and relaxing the abdominal muscles. You want to tighten the core and then relax the trunk. You will feel more limber and not be so stiff when you are done.


One of the best pre golf stretches is done while holding a weighted object. You can either hold the object in your hands or hang it off of a door or a wall. The object will give you a nice stretch to work your upper body. Doing the golf stretches with weights is important because you will build strength in your legs, hips, back, and shoulders.


Another important pre golf stretch is to do when you get to the golf course. This stretch is used when you are putting the ball. You will need to raise both of your feet and bend down low while still keeping your knees bent. Then pull your hips back in and you will end up with a straight posture.


These are golf stretches will all help you play the best golf you can. When you have the proper stance and are using your core muscles properly, you will find your drives and shots will be better. You will also swing the club more efficiently, which leads to a more accurate finish. By doing these golf stretches regularly, you will increase your chances of having a great game and making a lot of money.