Pros and Cons of Rangefinder With Slope

Pros and Cons of Rangefinder With Slope

Whether you are looking for golf rangefinders to help find golf clubs on sale, or whether you are searching for golf rangefinders to help improve your golf game, you have likely come across the term “slope”. What exactly is a slope and how does it affect your golf game? This article will shed some light on this topic and help you make a better decision.


Slopes can greatly affect the overall game play, particularly for beginners, as many players find that their first few rounds of golf have a great deal more anxiety and mistakes made than they had prior to hitting the course. To prevent this from happening, many new golf rangefinders with slope are sold with a lock to prevent people from accidentally turning them on in order to practice their swings. However, many golfers are also discovering that a slope can actually help improve their game by allowing them to take several more closer shots with better accuracy and consistency.


To test this theory, one golfing pro at my club tried several brands of golf rangefinders with slope and was able to tell each brand just by using one of his practice swings. He then took the same swings with each brand and compared their results. The results were all remarkably similar. The only difference was that one brand seemed to allow him to hit the ball further than the other brands. Which brand was that?


In order to see if the difference in accuracy was indeed caused by slope, the two took several more swings with each brand of rangefinder and compared the results again. Once again, all of the golfers had very similar accuracy when it came to their swings. The conclusion is that slope mode on these rangefinder devices is not the cause of the improvement in accuracy. What the testing failed to show was whether or not golfers actually like swinging their rangefinder with the slope option turned on.


While there may be pros and cons for each rangefinder type, golfers need not fear the invention of the rangefinder with the slope option. While it does allow golfers to hit further shots, the increase in accuracy comes from the other features of this popular device. Rangefinders without vibration dampers provide more accurate readings, and the less vibration means more accurate swings. Vibration sensitive rangefinder technology will only improve with time, and manufacturers are scrambling to figure out ways to make them even less distracting to the user.


So is it worth buying golf rangefinders with slope? The pros definitely outweigh the cons. There are just as many choices for rangefinders that are perfect for beginners, as there are for those who are professionals. The best way to find the perfect equipment for your game is to experiment, and the pros know it. Unless you have tried all options, you probably don’t know what it is that really matters to your accuracy.