Pub Golf Outfit Choices

A common forfeit at a bar or pub golf tournament is for the losing player to attend work/school in their pub golf outfit for a few days. Everyone likes to win and no one wants to be on the losing team, but this one is hard to top. Besides, no one wants to turn up on a Monday to a small office job/high school in a huge suit/coat and hat with a neck tie that is probably not worth the price of the suit. Of course, forfeit losses are not only for the losing team. In a tournament, every win gets you some points so there’s no reason to give up.

It would be nice to be able to buy your own equipment and accessories so that you don’t have to forfeit. However, in tournaments, equipment stops at certain equippages. One example of this is where you forfeit if you are carrying too many tees with you. You can’t get any more trees than what are carried on your card.

The other problem with pub golf outfits is that they are very hot and sweaty. If you are uncomfortable while playing then you won’t enjoy yourself much. That means that you won’t want to play as well and forfeit instead of trying harder. It also means that you will have to put on an outfit that doesn’t allow you to move freely. People sweat because it’s hot and that is not fun during a tournament.

Some people like drinking games, but not when they are sweating profusely. So a big no for pub golf outfits is any outfit that will make you sweat profusely. Sweating profusely during a drinking game does not look good at all, so try to find something else to do while playing. You could talk to the other players or order a drink for yourself. It would be really embarrassing if you got caught by other tournament players at a pub golf event.

The fourth reason why one wants a pub golf outfit that won’t make him or her forfeit is because you don’t want to give up the game. Most people who are serious about the game choose to play until they have reached their goal. Whether that goal is beating someone at their own game or trying to win at the same time, there are times when you have to choose to stop and take a break. This breaks up the play and helps everyone else. When you are able to stop at will, there isn’t a big deal because you can still continue moving ahead. However, when you want to quit because you are having a bad day, a forfeit seems inevitable.

The fifth reason to buy clothes that don’t make you forfeit is to keep up with the scores. Sometimes the scorecard is wrong and it is distracting to the player. Some players are really competitive and want to beat their opponents. In this case, a definitive guide would be very useful. A comprehensive guide would list out each shot and its distance, plus the conditions under which a shot should be taken, the chip shot, etc.

There are also times when the greens are off target and you hit too many balls with too few strokes. Sometimes, you can be penalized for going over your rounds of free plays. It might not be a huge penalty, but the penalties add up over time. If you don’t pay attention to your rounds of free plays and penalties, then you run the risk of missing tee times and getting additional penalties. If you are in a hurry to get to the next tee, then you might not have enough time to get over your penalty and forfeit the game instead of playing.

Another reason to buy outfits that make you feel more comfortable is if they are the top of the range. This means that they are top of the line. It might not be comfortable, but if you go with the highest quality outfits, then you will certainly feel better about going on the course. When you play, you definitely want to be comfortable. If you have the best clothes, then you can concentrate better on your game instead of having to worry about what outfit you are wearing.