Public Golf Courses Offer More For Less

Who says “We The People” can’t do things better and cheaper? A public golf course, maintained by citizens’ tax revenue to the enjoyment of everyone offers the same amount of enjoyment and challenging play since the most exclusive and upscale private country clubs. If you aren’t particularly concerned with prestige and status and need special amenities like four-star restaurants and private pools – and above all, begin to see the value in thrift (a nearly-forgotten American virtue since 1981), public golf courses will serve you well consequently proud to be portion of an online community.

There’s a minumum of one public golf course for most American cities and several have an overabundance of than one. If you are lucky enough to get are in Southern California, you’ll more likely than not find many municipal facilities in a relatively short driving distance of where you live.

Thanks to Internet technology, it’s easier than ever to get courses that fit the bill. In addition, you will find there’s wealth of specifics of everyone course you could find on any computer which has a reliable Internet connection. A simple online search will disclose course information such since the number of holes, the topography and what hazards are in play and lastly, tee times. Like their private and exclusive counterparts, public courses have scheduled start times, or golf tee times, that enable many people to golf simultaneously without acquiring it each others’ way. (It’s also important to carry on the pace so that those behind you don’t restrict your game.)

When To Tee Off

You involve some real flexibility here. And while public golf courses will always be cheaper to play at than private facilities, they’re even cheaper when you’re able to book some off-peak times, such as weekday mornings. A tee time scheduled at any course around the weekend is naturally planning to are more expensive than one scheduled in the week – which is a simple function of supply and demand – so to get the best deal on playing at the public golf course, make sure and look for a tee time that is not a duration of peak demand.