Putter Putt Buyer’s Guide

You have decided to start your golfing skills at a local golf course and you want to learn about putting. You know the basic fundamentals (how to hit a golf ball straight), but you are not sure how you grip the putter or what kind of putter to purchase. You are considering a putter grip that is different from your old one, or perhaps you do not feel comfortable in the way the club feels in your hands. There are many other choices as well. Your best bet is to take a putter buying guide to learn all you need to know about buying putters of any kind for golfing.


A good putter buying guide will take you through the basics of golfing. They will explain what a putter is, how it should be used, and what kinds of grips, weights, and shafts are available. They will also recommend putter sizes based upon your height and weight. These guides can help you decide if you want to customize your own putter bag, what kind of bag to get, and what is in the bag. Read on for an overview of all that is covered in these guides:

– A short game or hook and loop putting guide will help you decide if you need a putter, hybrid, or three woods. The main point is that you will know exactly which putter is best for your game and how to approach putting for a profit on the course. Again, these types of golf training plans will recommend what brands and models are the best for your game. You can test drive any putter, short game or a long game for almost no cost, and then see how you fair.


– An Odyssey Hot Pro is a professional grade putter with anodized steel shafts and a black finish. It has a large grip that is comfortable and easy to use. This putter is designed to putt with confidence, and to give you a consistent feel each and every time. The Odyssey Hot Pro will work well for beginners as well as more experienced players.


– An alignment putter is designed to have a professional look with its precision-milled alignment faces. You can change the face alignment throughout the course of your putt, to ensure that you are always putting on the correct face for a professional-looking shot. The black oxide finish on the putter will resist fingerprints and will be easy to clean. The putter grip is fully adjustable to fit most people’s hands, and the putter is made with anodized steel for optimal performance.


– All of the putters feature a finger-adjustable cork grip. This allows for greater hand dexterity. The mallet putter has an open face, and a one-piece putter face, which prevents sideburns from forming. This putter is great for beginners, because it features one of the best grips.


– Your final selection consists of either a Titleist or Maximon Putting Indicator. These putters both have the putter grip and blade options mentioned above. They also both feature a new ergonomic rubber mallet that works well with most putters. Each putter is equipped with three dimples to help improve accuracy, and comes with an aluminum frame for maximum stability. These putters have a very solid feel, and the black finish on the putter compliments the putter’s black blade very well.


Once you have found your set of putter accessories, it is important that you review your putter to make sure all of the key features are there. Review the alignment system. Make sure you have the correct grip. Review the finger adjustment, as this will be an integral part of your stroke. If you find that some of these key features are missing from your putter, it may be time to purchase a new putter.