Seven Ways to Protect Your Golf Equipment

If you’ve recently made a purchase or received a new club or some other new equipment, consider the following ways to protect it and make sure it lasts a long time.

Brand New Equipment

The new equipment’s warranty is in its infancy and therefore too soon to tell how long it will last. However, when a new club or ball arrives, take it out for some testing to make sure it’s compatible with your game. If it doesn’t work for you, return it and buy a different one.

Store Outside the Box

Put the club back in the box for storage. Always cover the new club with a fresh plastic bag to protect the new surface from getting damaged by rain. Don’t put a bag inside the box, which can prevent you from getting the club into the box in the first place.


Like the new club, golfers can take their equipment out of the box for storage and to take it on vacation. Use plastic bags to protect the surface from damage.

Before taking the club out of the box, first squeeze it to make sure it still moves freely. Then open the packaging and place the club in a separate box, preferably a padded one. Use two layers to avoid damage to the club or the plastic bag.

When storing the club, use a smaller bag or container than you would store an older club. This will help prevent damaging the club. The club should stay on its stand or be put in its original box.

Store the club where it won’t be exposed to sunlight or draughts, such as the garage or the basement. If the club is in bad shape, you can fix it and give it a new lease of life.

Keep Them Safe from Sun and Rain

A lot of the damage done by golf balls and other golf equipment to the property depends on how they are stored, and the number of rain and sun-struck golf balls in storage or on-course. Use a waterproof case or travel bag to store your equipment, as well as some waterproof straps to attach it to the bag.

Prevent Premature Wear

Protect the shafts, strings, grips and shaft flexes from sweat by storing them in a plastic bag or sleeve so that excess moisture and heat doesn’t cause them to become damaged prematurely. Avoid soaking or drying equipment in hot, dry weather, as this can cause it to become brittle.

Test Frequently

Check the condition of the shaft, grips and shaft flexes of your clubs at least once a month to avoid signs of wear and tear. And keep a cool head when trying to identify problems with your equipment. If you have questions, go to the golf club to have a professional assess your clubs.

Clean Equipment Frequently

Clean your clubs thoroughly after every round of play and before storing them, and carry a brush or comb with you to clean the shafts, grips and grips. Be sure to clean the bag too so that they don’t wear out prematurely.