Shopping For That Perfect White Golf Outfit

White golf apparel is so popular with today’s young golfers, that you may think it is a new invention. However, the trend has actually been around for several years. In fact, white golf shirts or polos are an old favorite when it comes to putting on golf equipment. But how did white get started?

Golf shirts in white were originally designed for an outdoor sporting event, such as a race. During those days, course owners wanted their course to look as professional as possible and to prevent their competitors from spotting clues that the players were wet behind the green. So these organizers devised a way to help players blend in more easily while still sporting an attractive white golf shirt. The result was shirts that looked more like sports uniforms than golf shirts.

The idea caught on, and now you see every pro golfer sporting a white golf shirt. You can’t find a pro golfer on a cold day without a white golf outfit. While many polo shirts look sporty enough for the grass, a white golf shirt screams professionalism. But don’t assume that white golf apparel is only for the golf course anymore.

Style is important, but you also need to consider the material the white golf outfit is made of. Many polo shirts are made of cotton or some other light fabric. These types of shirts are great for warm day or casual outings, but they are a bit dull. You want something with a little bit of style to it, as well as practicality. Look for a white golf outfit that is made of silk, or some other kind of light fabric that will drape your body nicely.

For the best effect, don’t look at the white golf shirt alone. Make sure the rest of your outfit looks good too, including the shoes and socks. Your white polo shirt might be a nice fit, but if you’re wearing socks that are uni-sexed, you’ll look silly (and possibly ashamed).

When it comes to shoes, go with something more than black. Most men think that this is strictly a male golfing thing, but women can wear white golf outfits, too! Whether you prefer open toe or closed toe, or whatever kind of hell you like, make sure that you match it to your socks. A pair of nice, dark dress socks in white would look great with a white golf shirt.

If you do a lot of golfing and own a golf cart, don’t forget the seat. You can’t have a great golf game, if you can’t keep your feet comfortable. A lot of golfers with little to no leg strength to get cramps on the drive. You might even slip on a wet golf tee, which would be very embarrassing. Make sure the seat is soft but not too soft, and has lots of support so that you can sit properly.

Finally, whatever you do, don’t wear more than one white golf outfit. Too much is a bad thing, as you’ll end up being uncomfortable no matter what you wear. One bright white outfit is fine but try to mix it up and use other colors or patterns for variety.

You can find white golf outfits for both men and women, and for just about any activity that you golf. If you are into hiking or running, you’ll probably want to find a white golf shirt and shorts combo. For working out, go with a t-shirt and tennis shoes. For dress, there are many options. The key is to take your time in finding the right outfit, and don’t settle for anything less than what you really want.

Take some time shopping around online to find a great deal. You can save yourself a lot of time by taking your time and shopping at the right stores. It might even be worth checking out the local golf course if they have a special sale or two. Whatever you do, don’t settle for less than the exact outfit that you want for golfing.

Once you’ve found the outfit that works best for you, be sure to always read the label. Make sure that you are getting the right size, and that it fits you well. Don’t make the mistake of buying an outfit just because it looks nice. It will look nice on your frame, but it won’t necessarily fit you right.