Spring Creek Golf Course Is located In Lithia Springs, North Carolina

The newly refurbished Spring Creek Golf Course at the Hershey Country Club in Hershey, Pennsylvania has received great reviews from golfers of all playing ability. Spring Creek Golf Course is situated on the south side of Hershey, PA and is managed by Bill Geiger. This is one of the most scenic courses to be played in Hershey. The first problem that most people have when they visit Hershey is where to play, but they soon learn that it is not hard to find a partner to play here at Spring Creek.

If you have always wanted to play golf in an amazing setting such as this then you will want to find out when the pro shop is open so that you can go golfing with your friends or family member. There are different groups that visit spring creek golf course on a regular basis. They include those who are members of the Pennsylvania Association of Golfers and those who just happen to come down for a few days to check out the wonderful facility. Both groups of players seem to play a great game of golf that is enjoyed by all. You will also find that most of the players who play at the club come back on a regular basis.

One of the best parts of playing at spring creek golf course is that there are several different options for players of all skill levels. The first thing you will notice when you go golfing at this facility is that there are three different types of courses. These are divided into the Par 4 course, the Stages, and the Family Plus programs. Most players prefer to play at least one of the three courses instead of staying at the fairways since they do not get nearly as much practice at the fairways. However, some golfers enjoy the more challenging nature of playing on the more difficult courses.

When you decide what you want to play at spring creek golf course, you will have an easier time picking out the courses that you would like to play. The Tee Offs department at the course keeps you informed about the tee times that are available for each of the three segments of the course. You will be notified of the number of players that will be playing during a particular segment of the day. If you are interested in playing in the Stages, you will see that there are various spots around the course that have tee times posted. Most players that are participating in the Stages will usually see around eight or nine other players participating during this time.

One of the best parts of playing at the spring creek golf course is the view of the five lakes that make up the Stages. If you are looking for a spectacular view, then you will definitely want to look at the photos that can be found here. Some of the better ones show a group of boats floating on the lake that provides a nice dramatic background. You will be able to see the Stages from this great location.

Another nice thing about the spring creek golf course is the many driving ranges that you will find. These driving greens are located all around the entire course. There are also bunkers and putting greens located around the fairways. With the driving range, you will have an opportunity to practice your putting if you are interested in doing so. This should allow you to get some practice for any games that you may be involved in during the summer months.