Stretching For Golfers – 3 Best Stretches For Golfers

The most frequent stretches for golfers are usually not effective in preventing lower back pain and here’s why. The most frequent recommendation is to wear an orthopedic back brace for added support. However, there are so many golfers out there who have quit playing due to a nagging back pain. This article will discuss some stretches for golfers that can lead to less pain on the back.

Stretching For Golfers – 3 Best Stretches For Golfers


It’s important to know that stretching and strengthening your muscles doesn’t have to be done every day. Some stretches for golfers can be done at home, while others need to be done in more open areas. The best thing to do is to consult a professional stretching expert to find out which stretches are right for you. Stretching experts are very good at identifying weak and tight muscles, especially the muscles in the back of the legs. A weak or tight calf muscle is a common cause of back pain.


The easiest stretches for golfers that involve the arms are the hanging arm and the extended arm stretches. Hanging arm stretches involve flexing or rotating the elbow towards the body and away from it. Extended arm stretches involve the extended arm and the wrist and elbow being kept lifted and stretched out as far as possible. These types of stretches are usually easy to perform and don’t require much strength.


Another set of stretches for golfers involves the hips and stretching them out. The hips are connected to the pelvis by the pubis minor, which goes through the hips and attaches them to the ribs on either side. Stretching the hips will improve flexibility of the hips and strengthen the pelvic floor. This will also help improve flexibility of the lower back.


If you’re a woman and golf involves a lot of long drives then you need to get your butt in the air during the swing. You can easily do this with the proper stretches for women. The key to doing these stretches is to be flexible from the start. Don’t try to pull the muscle of your inner quadriceps when you’re doing the stretches. Doing this will make it harder and more painful.


To increase your golf swing you should stretch the muscles that are behind the back and between your feet. Your hamstrings are often overworked and tight. To work these muscles you should stretch your quads, glutes, and hip flexors. You can do the stretches while watching the golf video of yours and watching how your backswing looks. Or you can do them on the golf course.


The last group of stretches for golfers include abdominal exercises. There are specific ab exercises that focus on your rotator cuff and can be very effective. You should find a good book on abdominal exercises and copy the exercises to your own body. Then do them during the stretches for golfers. Not only will this strengthen your abdominal muscles but it will help your golf game as well.


Stretches for golfers don’t have to be complicated. When you do the stretches the correct way they are going to increase your flexibility and keep your body limber. It’s the first thing that most golfers need to improve their game.


Stretching your hips is one way that many golfers do. They do this by lying on their back with their knees up to their chest. They then rotate their hips back and forth so that their pelvis and lower back are in a contracted position. The contraction of the hips works both the glutes and the hamstrings. This is the stretch that will build strength in your quads, glutes, and hamstrings. Do this a few times a day.


Besides just doing the best stretches for golfers there are some other things you can do to prevent back pain. If you are overweight, it is important that you lose some weight. Also you should make sure that you are not doing too much weight sitting at your desk. Sitting at a desk for long periods of time can cause back pain.


Finally another great exercise that can be done is a twenty minute per side stretch. To do these, you simply stand with your feet apart at a point that is comfortable. You will then need to reach behind you with one hand and pull your bent knee up to your chest. You will then hold this position for a few seconds and then return to the starting position. These twenty minutes per side will really help to improve your flexibility. It is important to remember though that these hip stretches should not be done more than twenty minutes at a time and that you should always stretch your muscles thoroughly before you begin a workout.