Stylish Womens Golf Clothes – How to Look Best on the Course

As the golf season heats up, so do these women’s fashion trends. Golfers are dressing up their looks for the ultimate sports chic look. With the increasing popularity of sports and active wear, activewear is an in-demand trend among customers. Printed activewear tops and dresses are in high demand as they keep shoppers comfortable and they are popular with the athleisure movement. Many golf fashion companies are selling high end golf apparel, we will cover the popular golf shirt brands from best golf shirts 2020.

New designers are racing to attract the young golfers to their brands with argyle sweaters, pastel polos, stylish plaid pants, and updated hats. Here are a couple of the designers at the forefront of the new designs:

  • J. Lindeberg – From mild to wild, J. Lindeberg has a great selection
  • Sligo – An extremely popular manufacturer that has a variety of great designs.
  • Quagmire – Carries a good collection of unique designs
  • Hollas – A Canadian manufacturer, Hollas has a nice mixture of mild shirts.
  • Puma – Puma is arriving out with a lot of new, trendy shirts. They have a good selection of the mild to wild.

  • Ian Poulter – You really have to be confident with yourself here. Ian Poulter clothing is recognized for pastel colors and variation of pink.
  • Lacoste – One of the less risky choices. They have a good mix of striped and plain shirts
    Pahr Fairway Essentials – Definitely for the fashion conscious. Has a good mixture of plain and classy shirts
  • Original Penguin – Funky colors and style
  • Dunning Sportswear – is targeted on a greater portion of a clean aesthetics

While most young golfers manage to not pay attention and go out on the course with jeans and t-shirts, following these simple rules can keep you looking your better for the course.

Step 1: Choose a shirt which fits your style

There are a huge number of different shirts out there, but what one fits you? Polo? Striped, solid, argyle, funky? Sweater? Long/short sleeved shirt? With so many choices, research before you buy to find out which style best fits you.

Step 2: Choose Pants or Shorts

Don’t forget to pick plaid pants or shorts. While the old style pants are gone, plaid pants and shorts are extremely much still in style.

Step 3: Socks

Yes, socks. Don’t even think of wearing plain white socks using your new shirt or pants. It’s a simple addition that really counts when you are around the course.

Step 4: Hat or no hat

This you are a lot up to you, and not essential. It might be a good choice to hold the sun’s rays out of your eyes over a very sunny day.

Step 5: The buckle

What? A special belt buckle for golfing? This isn’t your grandpa’s game anymore. Belt buckles are finding its way back having a vengeance, and can make or break your new wardrobe.