The Advantages to Living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The beautiful beachfront community of Fort Lauderdale, Florida has a wealth of golf courses. In Fort Lauderdale there are three world class golf courses including the famous Pinellas Golf Club, which is on Sanibel Island. Other golf courses are in Encinitas and Sunny Isles. Fort Lauderdale has many luxurious golf resort resorts and has been home to some of the most prominent names in golf. Some of the best golf courses are Old Keys Golf Club, which is on Key Largo, and the La Quinta Resort and Spa, which is on the far north of the city.

Of all the golf courses in Florida the two that have the largest following are the Old Keys and the Fort Lauderdale/St. Lucian golf courses. At Old Keys there is a junior golf program which was started in 1961. The first course was expanded in the mid fifties and today there are eighteen holes plus putting and chipping greens. The club also has a practice range and a driving range. The driving range has an eighteen-hole par four golf course plus two miniature golf courses.

The second course is Fort Lauderdale/St. Lucian. This golf course was built by local entrepreneur Lee Segal. Together they designed the layout of the eighteen-hole golf course. It is surrounded by lively neighborhoods, including one community that is completely outfitted with five restaurants. The community is only a short drive from all the other great golf courses in Fort Lauderdale/St. Lucian.

Sunny Isles is another area with a large concentration of golf courses. The Northwoods golf course is on a large parcel of land. Many of the other golf courses are in communities such as Cape Coral, Palm Beach or the city of Miami. This community also has a public nine-hole golf course, which is open year-round.

Communities such as Winter Garden have a wide selection of communities, too. This community is on a parcel of land that is home to Winter Gardens Village, an apartment community. The Village itself is on a beautiful piece of property. Winter Garden is set far back from the road and the homes and streets are set back even farther. The houses and streets are lined with lush green lawn and gardens.

Communities such as Winter Garden are ideal for someone who enjoys playing golf and other types of sports. This is a convenient community because there are so many golf courses near by. There are also many restaurants, entertainment venues and movie theaters within walking distance. This means a person can literally get away from their cell phone while playing golf. Other popular recreation options are the shopping malls and the beach. These options are great for families.

Fort Lauderdale/St. Lauderdale has many other potential options for a golf course, including a private country club. This community is on a piece of property that is owned by a member of the St. Lauderdale Sun-News. Other communities in Florida, such as Boca Raton and Coconut Grove, also have their own golf courses. Whether you are looking for a golf course community or a country club, there are many to choose from in the state of Florida.

Fort Lauderdale/St. Lauderdale is a wonderful place to live in. The weather is mild and the beaches are gorgeous. If you are looking for a new golf course community or a great vacation spot, this city has it. It will help you get the family out and the golf course together.

A quick look around any of these communities shows what a little luxury the houses are. They are top notch with plenty of room for all the family members. Many of these homes are built on their own private golf course. There are even custom golf communities built right on the water.

Most of the houses in this area are condominiums but there are some single-family units available. When you decide to move into a community like this one, you will be choosing from lots of different properties. In most cases, the homes will be directly on the golf course so you can play golf right at home when you are not on the course. This can make your golfing experience that much more enjoyable.

Fort Lauderdale/St. Lauderdale has several other golf courses for residents to enjoy. They offer several on the beach, including one called Bayfront Park. There is also an open air course called Palm Beach Lakes. Both of these complexes are within driving distance of the Fort Lauderdale International Airport and they are both well equipped with all of the amenities that you would find at an official golf course. If you are looking for a new home and don’t want to go to a golf course, then moving into a Fort Lauderdale/St. Lauderdale community may just be what you are looking for.